Primary Direction’s Investigation

What you will see here: investigations of primary directions (athazir) and a sequence set of prediction from the radix and sects, judgment followed by solar returns, progressive and secondary charts, as well as proffections, firdaria (firdariyyah), dodecatemoria, etc. The chronocraters in action, offers exact periods of hours, days, months to years, which makes the whole analyzes scientific inclined and precise. These analyzes can serve as betterment of the professional watching as well as the student new to the topic. Utilizing ancient methods, we discover nature operating in details.

Charts used in each episode are available below the chosen video.

Astrology Videos by Rafael VR
Astrology Videos by Rafael VR


Many astrologers worldwide give the Berlin Wall and its fall as the Saturn-Neptune synodic cycle example. The popularity of the event is often seen as a prevention of a nuclear war between power nations that never existed. The limitation suffered by the people of freedom was soon to be released from its barrier when Saturn completed its journey around the Zodiac, entering its own sign of Capricorn, 28 years later when Saturn was in exact conjunction to Neptune, the wall was dissolved. But what few people knew, is that when the wall began being erected, Saturn was conjunction Jupiter in the same sign, provided us with an insight which such Saturn return would be materialized on something "greater".

In this video I highlight the importance of Saturn in its own sign Capricorn. This is basically an introduction to the Berlin Wall in general, the whole astrology behind without much technical information, yet with many curious facts.

You will what about:

  • Saturn in Capricorn in the Mundane
  • Saturn in Capricorn in the Natal Chart
  • How Saturn affects the mass
  • Saturn lord of death and karma

Charts used in the video: Berlin Wall Begins - The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Research for Astrological Purpose 


lenght: 3:09m / date of 2018 / astrologer Rafael VR - made for facebook ©

Here I investigate the Primary Directions of the events and people which were somehow involved with the construction and fall of the Berlin Wall. Identifying people or major events prior or after the event itself is primordial in order to understand how the directions work, as well as secondary or progressed charts. 

You will watch about:

  • chronocraters in action (solar returns, natal charts, primary directions, annual proffections, secondary and progressive charts)
  • charts of events, people and the applied methods cited
  • many examples of Saturn directed to a point or planet
  • history of the Berlin Wall in minutes

Charts used in the video: Berlin Wall Begins - Walter Ulbritch - Germany, Weimar Republic (1918)USSR foundation - USA - Pluto's Discovery - WWII, beggining of - Joseph Stalin (no birth time) - The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Research for Astrological Purpose 


lenght: ??? / 2018 / astrologer Rafael VR - made for facebook ©