Follow the Moon

Follow the Moon is a FREE visual glamorous eBook practical guide

for the astrologer who wishes guidance to the realm of the mother Moon and its cycles, beats, lunations, eclipses (the lunar nodes) and more. 

Rafael VR integrates experience with ancient knowledge in the natal chart of persons of interest, with examples of people born under New/Full moons. Examples of chart delineations explained of the whole year of 2016 are a lucid way to start studying the rhythms of the Moon in live action. It also includes:

  • Moon in Signs
  • Moon in Houses
  • Practical Moon tables
  • Histories of known People and their charts interpreted 
  • Glyphs and Symbols explored
  • Houses interpreted

Since this is a sample, some texts may be missing as I haven't the time yet to finish them. ©

Follow the Moon



download here (PDF format)


read it online in parts