Rafael Viana Ribeiro

The astrologer in his 32 years old, is the founder of the old website thezodiacastrology which now is under the address of thezodiacus.

Publishing, investigating, working with astrology since 2008 when VR was in his young 20's. In the first 9 years he firstly studied thousands of genethliacal charts, focused on the psychological aspect of the individuals, previsions by transiting planets, eclipses, new/full moons, solar returns, progression charts, mythologies integrated. In the mundane astrology it was applied the same methods but accordingly. The focus of Rafael is now on primary directions investigations, written books, video classes or lessons, lectures worldwide, and of course, publishing pioneering papers as well as articles on the present focus.

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Rafael VR 2018

With natural Italian ascendance Rafael's native language is actually Portuguese from Brazil. Yet, since kid he studied english to advanced in adolescence. He lived in Orlando, Paris and Brazil.  VR now works with astrology full-time since stopped working as administrator of his family's business industry.

In astrology, VR studied many subjects which led him to set up a course with tradition, but still utilizing many modern methods and not limiting to only one system. He is also self-taught in the works of astrology. His resources goes from ancient texts of logical William Lilly, egocentric Ptolomeu and others to the taboo of Jeff Greene, the psychology concepts of Liz Green, etc.

The astrologer and entrepreneur has had many book written about astrology (politics, philosophy, religion) which some are available at the website, some free others not.

Rafael VR has fluency in softwares such as adobe photoshop, premier, after effect, etc. which makes him autonomous when it requires astrology in images, sounds and creativity.

VR is academically graduated in Business & Marketing in Brazil and Post-graduated in Paris at Iéseg School of Management.

note: readings are not available at the moment

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