The Astrology of Sarah Michelle Gelar (2008)


The Astrology Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Joss Whedon (2008)

The Astrology of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series

article below written in 2008 to something

A friend last week sent me a message telling me the great news that is official actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is coming back to TV in a series called RINGER since her last work in the 7 seasons (years) in Buffy – the vampire slayer (2003). For my surprise, last week I initiated an astrological study of the show Buffy that you can read here at the blog.

Ringer is from Supernaturalwriters Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder; Gellar will serve as a co-executive producer on the project, which is being produced by ABC Television Studios and CBS Television Studios. – According to Vulture.

*Sarah Michelle Gellar/New York (NY) – 14/04/1977 – Time Unknown

I just realized something while checking the chart of the last episode from Buffy that may be very interesting in the timing with the actress. Sarah has a  great conjunction  between the Sun (24º) and the South Node in Aries (24º). Lunar South Node means that we have to let go off something but stick with the gifts, while the Lunar North Node wants us to make the right direction in life, the last episode aired on May 2003 (Chosen) the Sun was at the last degrees of the sign Taurus (29º) conjunction North Node in Taurus (29º), last degrees of a sign means transition and resolutions! For the note, Joss Whedon – the creator of the show has natally Sun in exact conjunction to the North Node.

After the show, Sarah did great choices to perform after it such as: Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed; The Grudge (I,II); The Return; The Air I Breathe; Possession; and others. Arian people act when they need to do it, and don’t rest until the show is done. By the time, Jupiter was in Leo (high proud) conjunction her Saturn in Leo (restricted proud/recognition), raising her patience to seed others objectives in her life, at the same time putting necessary breaks (Saturn) in her aspirations (Jupiter).

The Sun (individuality) was conjunction/transiting Sarah’s Jupiter, the lucky planet that brings opportunities and expands our vision, perhaps this was a time of her life where she would find opportunities by the end of her work after 7 years in the series, closing proudly a chapter in her life, and expanding a new cycle of her individuality where people wouldn’t recall her only as Buffy, but Sarah. She has Jupiter in Gemini at 2º degrees, a personal planet that presides in our adventures in the expansive cycle of life, in Gemini wants to jump to another project in the instant they got their attention to it.

Cruel Intentions -1999

7 years is often the time Uranus to complete one journey. In 2003 was the transition of a new Uranus Era, where it was leaving eccentric Aquarius and entering sensitive Pisces. Sarah has Moon (emotions, acting ability) and Mars (sexual drive, own values, assertiveness) in Pisces, during these 7 years she was out of TV, transpersonal planet Uranus in Pisces was conjunction her Moon and Mars, Uranus wants to try, where it touches it can change an idea overnight if he wishes, transforms us radically, we see no steady feet in Uranus land, her emotions and her drive to keep her heart beating as it was, got drastically changed. During this period she also starred in big Hollywood movies. Personally I think she was excelent when she starred the brazilian author movie “Veronika decides to die”, a total Pisces movie full of emotional reports all the time.

Veronika Decides to Die – 2009

In 2008, Sarah was engaged to an TV HBO project (The Wonderful Maladys) where she would act and serve as an executive producer in order to keep control of her work, but unfortunatly the show didn’t work out, Saturn was in Virgo back the year, opposing her Mars and Moon in Pisces, it is a hard aspect to both planets, the person may be prone to wrongly interpret what is best for herself to assert positively.

Image cortesy of *

Uranus is now back into a new era, and is going to shake the constellation Aries and Sarah’s Sun, Venus and South-Node in Aries. Uranus seeks originality and when transiting a planet it gets shocks, the Sun asks us who we are and Venus equilibrates and makes us wonder our values. How Sarah and her future projects will come about? Jupiter (publicity) the chosen one to expand is also at play entering Aries (22th) this month untill June, we may have more news (Jupiter) about Sarah.

Nowadays Saturn the planet of hard success, career, status and our worth to society is in Libra and is transiting/conjunction Sarah’s Pluto the planet of regeneration (death and rebirth) that also perceives the use of mastering abilities as well, and then we have the great news Sarah is officially going back to TV! What transformational news for my day!

*To reminder; unfortunately with no birth time is not possible to know the Ascendant and the midheaven, astrologers often do an acrobatic reading instead.

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