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The Astrology Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Joss Whedon (2008)

The Astrology of Sarah Michelle Gelar (2008)


I am a lover of northern american series since Buffy the vampire slayer revolutionized TV series, putting an accent on ‘feminism’ that was slept in society for such a long time. Buffy was born during the second era of the golden age of the america’s cinema. Now everything is series and have endless seasons. Buffy was set and filmed under the end of the dark 90’s, a very unfashionably time I think, but coming from that decade it brings intentionally an air of ‘underground’ touch to the intellect.

Buffy the Vampire 1st aired episode

I remember I was so young the first time I saw Buffy. It was in a hotel room in Miami (FL), the trailer for the second season was being announced and I was already heavily touched by it. Like a planet, it touched me at the first time I saw Buffy fighting demons and vampires in high-school, and it happened just in seconds in that hotel room. How’s that possible? This is what I call a “phenomenon”. Beatles are a phenomenon, Lady Gaga is, Spice Girls was, Madonna will always be, Buffy I supposed, will always serve as the first example of a series of a girl in power that really worked out in the mainstream. It is known as a cult series, all that horrible visual effects from the first season didn’t disappoint its fans of first timers. I was 12 years old and only. That time it was different, in Brazil Buffy went straight up for the 3rd season in television, it was hard to find the first three seasons in DVD, there weren’t youtube, Netflix and others, so I only get to watch Buffy when I was 16 years old, the same age Buffy was supposed to be when the 1st season started. So you see, I was fanatic, I waited 3 years to watch Buffy in Brazil and waited more 5 for watching the first three seasons in television before lunched on DVD. This is what a call a phenomenon, and such sensation deserves an astrological observation.

1992 Buffy’s Movie

Joss Whedon’s television series and creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has had its origins in a script he wrote back in 1992 feature film of the same name that was a failure, the series however won the audience at the first  episode aired in 1997, gathering a devoted audience that remains loyal to the show more than a decade after it left the airwaves. The narrative centralizes Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) on her first day at a new school in a new town. She hopes to live as a normal teenager, but the duties and fate of the Slayer (to fight vampires, demons, witches and other supernatural beings) will not leave her in peace; the ancient vampire called the Master (Mark Metcalf) threatens to break free from hell that happens to be located under the high school’s library, and Buffy must turn for help to her school librarian and Watcher Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head), her new classmates, Willow and Xander (Alyson Hannigan and Nicholas Brendon), and a benevolent stranger named Angel (David Boreanaz). After the witty introduction to the characters, the history of Buffy that followed 6 seasons after, Joss Whedon and his writer’s team were able to keep integral to the character’s essential role, as if they were aware of patterns that couldn’t be easily broken, which was necessary years of development to show each character’s growth, which is something difficult to pursue in television.


First let’s discuss about Sarah’s success when Buffy the vampire slayer was lunched to the general public. The actress has a very interesting natal chart I once discussed [here] in 2011, but now I will add other kinds of information related to the article. Secondly, let’s study the chart of the first episode of Buffy aired on television.



We need to be objective, in front of us now there is a million kind of information. For personal success I see start by looking the Moon with Venus in any chart, including Jupiter, the 4th and 10th polarity, the 5th house of expression and 2nd house of personal resources. For career success I usually check for Saturn, 1st house, the Moon as well, Capricorn, 10th house mainly, Jupiter’s condition, 2nd house condition etc. There are forms in astrology to reach for themes that needs answers, and each symbol in astrology has several countable meanings and synonymous to specific events in our lives. Much depends on the interpretation of the astrologer what he/she thinks success means in someone’s life, thus we have to be clear about to what. And for that, we also need to verify the timing of events, and unfortunately we don’t have Sarah Michelle’s birth time, compromising our analyzes, we won’t know where planets have effect in the spheres of her life, but the transiting planets to her natal planets shall be enough for our study. However, we know when the first episode of the show was aired (as you can see in the chart above) and the location of the studio responsible for broadcasting Buffy, which was in Burbank, California.

The transiting Moon brings instantaneous popularity when conjunction a native’s personal and prominent planet, and when in front of the eyes of a whole public, the event triggers a fresh and newly public starting point that can be explained by the person’s new lifestyle that is a result of the transiting Moon conjunction and all its feminine popularity afterwards. At the time Buffy first episode Welcome to the Hellmouth was aired (March 10, 1997), transiting Moon in Aries was conjunct the mainly actress’ Sun and Venus in Aries as well as her South Node in the same sign, also Saturn was transiting the first decanate of Aries, the planet with Venus is said to bring success in career and serious popularity (again) specially in women’s chart. To help even more the actress’s to adhere further as a famous ruling model in society, transiting Jupiter was conjunct Uranus in Aquarius which sextile Sarah’s Venus by exact degrees and her powerful Sun in courageous Aries. We see many harmonious aspects from personal and outer planets at the day of the event to Sarah’s personal planets among the lunar nodes, which is rich in information. Sarah’s progressed chart [not attached] shows Mars had moved to 5° degrees Aries in March 1997, thus, transiting Saturn was activating Sarah’s progressed Mars, a transit that boost the native with self-confidence, self-discipline, sudden or dramatic career success involving some kind of Mars attribute such as violence, in this case, Sarah was able to interpret a violent role on screen and be succesful about it. In the same year, Sarah’s progressed Moon was in Scorpio, and that day exactly the Moon was found in critical degree Scorpio. In this case, transiting lunar nodes sextile and trine Sarah’s progressed Moon.

Saturn is the planet of reality that when in transit activates great profit. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar was soon to become a true hero for the minorities, and not only in TV but as someone who handled 7 seasons acting as a hero that killed vampires that were twice bigger than the slayer herself. At that time, each season were shot and aired in the span of a year, like 6 to 7 months mostly. Aries is the sign of the Hero, and the actress played that out really well, it was like the perfect thing for her as she could also play a hero as a job. Buffy was celebrated worldwide for several long years and still is where countries are only broadcasting the series after a decade of its production.

Buffy Cast in 1997


For such long lasting phenomenon to keep up that long, I usually see how the lunar nodes are interested in the chart with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto and fixed signs and houses in any event. The lunar nodes serve as a ‘public uncouncious guide’. The lunar nodes have no aspect to the planets just cited but a conjuction to Mars, I’ll talk about that below. The majority of the planets are located in fixed houses.

Others considerations that bring more accurate forecast shall be studied as well.

The premier was aired at 9pm, giving us beforehand the useful information that the sect status of the above chart is a night chart, thus we need to see the conditions of the Moon, Venus and Mars. Their conditions shall favor the show’s status if rightly placed in a night chart. The Moon and Venus (exalted in Pisces) are below the asc/dsc axis, indicating the show was prominent to success or popularity some way or another as both planets are put in a constructive manner. Mars is above the major axis that form the horizon line in the chart, it is not the right place, but being retrograde (heavier mark) and conjunct North Node (new role for the public to identify with) and lot of fortune (worldly success), give the show a tremendous energy to keep people entertained for a long-span of time. But Mars tells us that it rules the 6th and 7th houses, indicating that someday there could be a problem between physical location of the daily shooting of the show and the large corporation (11th house) in which owned the show by legal rights that would some day become apart by some rival (Mars conjunct NN-Mars ruler of the 7th house of open enemies). The first five seasons (from 1997 to 2000) aired on The WB, and in 2001, it was transferred to the rival UPN for its final two seasons, the creator of the show and all his business partner had to change abruptly the TVs station they were so comfortable daily working at, all the set had to be redecorated, moved, in other others, a new set had to be immediately set forward. Mars conjunct lot of fortune stabilized the show’s assertiveness to keep as a pioneering TV series.

The rising sign, or the ascendant, is the face of the event at the time it was premiered. Libra was rising, the sign of popularity and kindness, the kind of person that says “welcome” any time a chance occurs. Yet, Libra is rising at critical degrees a few minutes to cross barriers with Scorpio, the sign of literal hell. The 1st house rules a native’s head. This chart speaks. The name of the first episode was curiously named “Welcome to the Hellmouth”. 

Leo at the midheaven puts the show a status of a leadership in the entertaining business. The Sun rules the 10th house of public image of the show, and the Sun is conjunct Mercury by 0° orb in the 5th house of the Sun, where popular Venus is also there conjunct Sun/Mercury in Pisces, the sign of television, movies and fantasy.

The Moon was exactly 30° degrees away from a New Moon that took place in the night before, a perfect lunation for the duration of the show to work out 7 seasons or 7 years. Moon in fiery Aries determines a pioneering quality to the chart as well.

welcome_to_sunnydale_buffy_screenshotThe show was aired at critical or anaretic degrees of Neptune in Capricorn. Neptune in the modern world rules the world of television, moving picture, motion picture etc. As I said above, Buffy was aired when the second golden age of television was being introduced back again to humanity. Neptune was about to enter Aquarius in 1998 when Buffy was being shot for the second season. Aquarius co-ruled by Saturn is the sign known as the “responsible” for the golden age of everything you can name it. In the following years, Buffy and others tv attraction was getting its visual effects better and cheaper than ever, making possible for the monsters of Buffy and magic of Willow’s to be showed with great quality and others outstanding discernible contrasting characteristics. In the chart above, Neptune rules the 5th house where the Sun is located among with Mercury and Venus in Pisces, the sign Neptune rules. All the essence of the show was there in the 5th house of the Sun, the house of pure self-expression, suggesting the show would have a very creative, original and overflow presence. The name of the city Buffy and her friends daily battle vampires is ironically called Sunnydale.

  • Buffy as a Second Movie?

Next year, the show completes 20 years old of existence since Welcome to the Hellmouth premiered.

I do see a continuation for the show. If actress Sarah Michelle Gellar won’t come back as the slayer as she mentioned in early interviews, she could come back as the mentor of a new teenager slayer girl in somewhere exotic in the mind of Joss Whedon, adapted to the new ‘reality’ of drama and generation. I think what they need, is a trigger, could the stars eventually tells us that? I believe good things are always re-done, re-make, reboot, what ever ‘re’s we need, or at the best shot, a continuation. Since all the cast are alive, I think Joss Whedon should look for an opportunity in the Buffy’s universe to ingress Buffy’s adventures again into people’s unconsciousness.

Actually, there were a continuation but that happened in comic-books, which is not something I fan about. I have some of them but never read the stories only just flip through the pages imagining how horrible was to accept Buffy ended on-screen. As a big fan, like many others, I still hope for a second Buffy movie, a  reboot of the series, something on screen… Joss Whedon & Sarah Gellar give us something please!


  1. [the location’s reference for the first Buffy’s episode to be air nationally at the EUA]

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