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The Astrology of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series

Remembering the first time Whedon casted Buffy into the public eyes was in 1992 as a failed movie for some and as a potential show business for others, introducing years later a new trend of cult followers with the Buffy series that was aired from March 10, 1997 – May 20, 2003.

I’ve seen all the TV 7 seasons, and have repeated them all over again thousand of times, especially the ones I most prestige. Series for me a like a good material for presenting how society is in their everyday lives, because it can give you the sensation of long-term history and various possibilities that a person could encounter in their life according to their basic energy dynamics, mainly when you get used to a specific character and see it for years wondering the predictable behaviors. Movies are part of Neptune’s realm, along with Leo that rules the theater, but Pisces and the planet of illusion gets the fame for acting roles and portrayed on screen.

Joss Hill Whedon is a genius writer, director, executive producer, and the creator of the best TV series so far: BVS, Angel, and Firefly. However, the chart interpretation is only based of his influences to the show Buffy, focused on the subtle reflection it has from him in the main character in all people around her. Unfortunately we have no birth-time, so it is not possible to point where (houses) the planetary influence has most responses.  

Joss Hill Whedon – June 23, 1964 in New York – Time Unknown:

Artists often put their most intense and emotional past experiences into their work, transforming into a creation. As I would imagine, Whendon is a Cancer Sun individual. The Sun represents the kind of Hero we are (altough Mars is THE hero we are). Cancer Sun creatures walk trough emotions on planet earth, a sign ruled by women and the mother, known for its protecting, caring and nurturing nature. It is not a surprise Whendon wrote a series about a young girl, with a great sense of protection and responsibility to her friends, which are called ‘The Gang”, and her family (cancer), busted with extra-ordinaries powers to execute against bad guys in Sunnydale. The sun makes a conjunction to the North Node in Cancer, this aspect may manifest as the person being the head-figured of a creation or of a group. The configuration is flavored with a Mercury Venus conjunction by the numbers in the mutable sign Gemini, favoring mutual understanding with friends and partners, the show is compiled in the odyssey of a Hero and her friends that only do but help, trough the their hard journey, finding receptiveness in each other, fans over the world were emotional by Buffy and her faithful friends. The whole aspect is opposed by the South-node in Capricorn, South node means that we have to let go off something but stick with the gifts, the opposition means battle, so I guess it was probably natural for him to write and stick with a history of a young person that has to learn early how to deal with serious duty, killing the vampires and making hard decisions, all attributed to Capricorn and their great sense of reality, and finding a ground to nurture her quest for freedom and emotional stability  trough close ones, playing out its liberation in the direction of emotional fulfillment (North node in cancer).

In the musical episode, Joss wrote all the music lyrics and directed it, here is part of a song that contours as an example of his natural ability to drive his feelings into something gelid but truthful :

I’M UNDER YOUR SPELL. – Musical episode

(Tara) I lived my life in shadow, never the sun on my face.
It didn’t seem so sad though, I figured that was my place.
Now I’m bathed in light. Something just isn’t right.

I’m under your spell.
How else could it be, anyone would notice me?
It’s magic, I can te – ll.
How you set me free, brought me out so easily.

I saw a world enchanted, spirits and charms in the air.
(And) I always took for granted, I was the only one there.
But your power shown, brighter than any I’ve known.

I’m under your spell.
Nothing I can do, you just took my soul with you.
You worked your charms so we – ll,
Finally I knew, everything I dreamed was true.
You made me belie – ve.

The moon, which reflects our emotional and irrational reactions to life, in my own opinion (since we don’t have his birth time) is in the adventure sign of Sagittarius, all the extreme optimism we see in the show, and the adventure-loving nature the main character exalts is essential to bring the light where there is darkness, although the Moon could be either late Scorpio. Pluto squares moon, adding an extra talent for helping people in trouble, Joss’s caring nature must be very intense, every episode Buffy is ready to solve others problems.

Whedon’s Mercury is exalted in Gemini (ruler and the sign), the planet of expression is in the sign of duality, the perfect position for writers, suggesting a talkative and restless mind, inquisitive thoughts cannot stop until the work is done, and Mars (action) in Gemini is known for being marvelous in using words as weapon, Buffy likes to kick vampires ass talking to them like if she is talking to the bad side of herself, until they are killed to dust.

The fantasy and the obsessive/passionate love of Buffy and Angel may have had the blends touch of the ‘impossible’ fantasy Neptune and large Jupiter aspect. For the note, Pluto and Scorpio are best known to be related to vampires, taboos and occult subjects. Joss’s Neptune is in Scorpio, a generational planet, that enhances the illusion and creativity around the person’s energetic field, and in Scorpio, the soul feels the need to set free of fears, of the darkness, and having to face the stigma of betrayal, that plays long notes to the show, Buffy finds in love with a vampire with a soul (Angel), building a safe but dangerous intense feelings towards him, getting real about the fact that she will physically get older while the vampire will forever stay in youth and in beauty.  Jupiter expands, whereas is an illusion or a blind-faith, it points the truth not matter how ugly it is. The configuration shows a person that can sell his vision to the world if the person believes in himself. Buffy always believed in herself and in what she’s done and spelled the right idea (Jupiter) of how to be a slayer where no human has extra-ordinary powers that she has, being an example for girls all over the world, giving power to women when they fell more than less credited by society. Cancer people understands women. Whedon knew how to got their attention and change their perception of life. People born under the Pluto conjunction Uranus in Virgo in the 60’s, are a generation that revolutionaries the way we deal with taboos and forbidden subjects.

I’VE GOT A THEORY / BUNNY SONG. – Musical episode

(Willow) I’ve got a theory, some kid is dreaming’
And we’re all stuck inside his wacky Broadway nightmare.

I am not saying that Joss Whedon would like to be a young person with super powers and to fall crazy in love with a sensual vampire, but it is interesting to watch how the planetary cycle affects people’s lives and it is attainable to the output from past life events into their creation in whatever they do for society, in a consciousness or unconsciousness level, .

To  end my AstroBuffy analyzes,  Joss’s Mars squares Saturn in Pisces, a subtle sign, predominant in Joss’s personality, a workaholic  in building structures (Saturn) to hold the history while keeping active (Mars) the illusion alive (Pisces). No wonder Buffy was aired for 7 years (seasons) straight. He said:

“I wanted her to be a cultural phenomenon. I wanted there to be dolls, Barbie with kung-fu grip…. I wanted people to internalize it, and make up fantasies where they were in the story, to take it home with them, for it to exist beyond the TV show…. I think she has become an icon, and that’s what I wanted. What more could anybody ask?”.

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