The Astrology of the Orlando’s Pulse club attack



As a professional astrologer I shall put myself in a very detached position so I cannot damage the reality of any specific event and naturally distort it by benevolent opinion disguised by objective astrological instructions. Therefore, some lines may sound too provocative for the recent unfortunate event as I judge nothing else but the astrological chart based on facts as told by media and other kind of sources.


On the last New Moon in Gemini which involved a Mutable Cross I informed you: “Here, we are motivated by an accumulation of personal self-interests, which can make us communicate and pass on the wrong information. Prejudice, feminism, machismo, women in power, religion and beliefs will be major thematic the next 28 days or so.”  Then when the Moon was in her first quarter phase, she began waxing… a tragic incident happens.

“Like all prejudicial crimes, this is an attack on humanity itself.” – Lady Gaga about the crime

Omar is from Pluto in Scorpio and Neptune in Capricorn generation. The majority of the victims belongs to this configuration by itself among some Pluto in Libra and Sagittarius generation. As I always write about these mass-murder cases, Pluto to Pluto conjunction can be extremely toxic, tragic, deadly and karmatic.

outside the club – source: CNN

CNN informs us on earlier Sunday (June 12th, 2016) worldwide :

  • “Orlando, Florida (CNN)An American-born man who’d pledged allegiance to ISIS gunned down 49 people early Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and the nation’s worst terror attack since 9/11, authorities said.”

The internet was furious with posts like: “Mateen’s father says crime may’ve been inspired by seeing ‘two men kissing once in Miami”… But I have to confess. When I saw the picture of the coward murderer, I thought to myself “something is wronghe was gay or something like”. – that was automatically narrowed in my mind, there wasn’t necessary much thinking, just plain intuition, and he was trying really really hard to accept his different “desires”. The recent news have shown the author of the massacre was actually a quite frequenter of the Pulse’s club.

  • Witness: “Sometimes he would go over in the corner and sit and drink by himself, and other times he would get so drunk he was loud and belligerent.” –  Ty Smith tells the ‘Orlando Sentinel’ who also uses the name Aries.

Photography-licious-hits-photo-pictures-in-the-shadow-of-a-man-hd-pc-background-730x456I’ve met many guys like Omar Mateen. They exist. A married man with a child or two, with bi-polar disorder struggling with the acceptance of having another “different side” that is too embarrassing to handle. These guys go dark, the tendency here is more craziness and disturbing thoughts, they get to be very alone on their minds and think they deserve all that loneliness for being what they are, they go out with you and tell they are discreet and nobody should ever know he was together with you, they also tell you they dislike effeminate guys and hate when they see one on the mall, they get to be offended by projection. Omar was of the same nature here, but its darkness took controlled over him. According to MSNBC he had reportedly contacted men on a gay dating app Jack’d as Kevin West told the reporter: “… He was saying things like, “What clubs are popping and things of that sort, what are good places to go?”. Omar was a psychopath and didn’t understand that, his dozen visits to the club only did but augmented his hatred towards himself and others. “…drink by himself” in a club seems like a bizarre activity to schedule a mass murder when you are that young and dangerously in doubt about the self. Some may think he was ‘studying the environment’ to know better his preys, of that was true, perhaps all that investigation was of secondary nature. Surely the murderer was heavily influenced by ISIS’s terror culture, his mental sickness as told by his ex-wife to CNN was of course, a major player along with all the seductiveness from ISIS’S disgusting marketing and propaganda, but I really doubt he was part of it, I hardly believe FBI will find anything relevant to that, only the fact he shouted “Allah hu Akbar!” at the entrance of the club, and the fact he was already interviewed by them because Omar once deliberated showed sympathy for ISIS group, Fox news wrote:“Mateen was interviewed three times by FBI agents — twice in 2013, once in 2014 — as part of two separate investigations, FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Ron Hopper said. However, both inquiries proved inconclusive and the cases were closed.”; I can be awfully wrong, but let’s wait and see the unfolding of the truth of it as the time comes. Now let’s talk about how I got to this conclusion.

[Hours later, NBC News covered the case reporting “Authorities are considering filing criminal charges against Noor for failing to tell them what she knew before the brutal attack, law enforcement officials say, but no decision has been made. – Noor was ex-wife of the killer and confessed she knew about the attack trying to convince him otherwise, she even took him to the Pulse club once and told FBI “she was with him when he bought ammunition and a holster, several officials familiar with the case said. She told the FBI that she once drove him to the gay nightclub, Pulse, because he wanted to scope it out.” – Noor told she was with him the day he bought a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol and .223-caliber assault rifle from St. Lucie Shooting Center a few days before the attack. Well wasn’t that one of his ex-significant other? Another thing… if he was with ISIS, than why would he ask for his ex-wife to drive him down he gum store? I though ISIS was a well controlled regime].


According to the CNN timeline, it is written the shooting began at 2.:02am, however, the author of the mass killing entered the club at 2:00am, indicating the entrance of the crime (the 1st house) and its intentions. This detail can damage any astrological interpretation once wrongly applied, but the real time is what we also should focus. At 2:00am we are giving a cardinal mutable cross of the angles in the chart of the event in anaretic degrees, from the rising sign comes the sign of Pisces, which both rulers (Jupiter and Neptune) are opposite to each other, but since Neptune is in the 12th house a few hours to go retrograde, it means the real meaning of the author shall be put under forever confusion, meaning no one will ever know the true motive and mostly will be speculative based on poor evidences. Jupiter rulers over religious fanatics, with Pisces rising in the 1st house, we can determine how was the mind of the shooter at the time he entered that door which was soon to become the door of hell, therefore, astrologers are inclined to the idea he was extremely confused, perhaps wanting to be known for the massacre as being part of a religious movement when that was just an illusory attempt of his part to look fighting for something worthy, although the victims were real. However, if the chart is cast for 2:02am, the rising sign ingresses into 0° degree of Aries, thus confirming the fact he was part of the ISIS terrorist group as Mars becomes the ruling planet of the chart. But I’ll stick the time of 2:00am, the crime was well planned and the author wanted it to happen exactly at this time, he was a Stellium in Scorpio along with Pluto. Thus, if we put Libra as the descendant falling sign, the ruling planet of the victims would have been Venus which is conjunct the Sun, giving an enormous positive kind of event to these people without any harmful aspects to it, but if we consider Virgo at this cardinal point, then Mercury which is at anaretic degree in Taurus is opposite Mars retrograde in Scorpio, thus the panic the victims found themselves was hell itself. Of course, the terrorist group ISIS would find a perfect scene to sign their logo on it, appearing to have orchestrated the whole tragedy. Omar Mateen was called ‘calm, cool’ during Pulse nightclub massacre by Orlando police Chief John Mina, and a witnessed said he was laughing while shooting people in the bathroom. You see, the rising sign if found at the later of Pisces at 29° degrees, we are dealing with the 3rd decanate of Pisces which are Mars and Pluto, remembering that planet Mars is transiting a sign it most feel comfortable at besides Aries, suggesting again a case of personal interests.

Ok. Now let’s how was the condition and the kind of death the victims suffered in vain, lets aim our sight to the 8th house of death and intentional killing. Something tells me there was a ‘revenge’ going on behind the scenes, perhaps someone triggered some wild and dangerous love in Omar in which the other couldn’t mutually respond back? That sounds possible. Will they find a significant other of Omar’s? Was this a passionate case mixed with fury of the gay community once rejected? That is highly possible that a prior motive could have been from a frustrating relationship with another man. The rulers of the 8th house are Mars and Pluto. Mars is found itself in the house it rules and is retrograde in Scorpio, intensifying the tragedy at high proportions, Mars rules shooting and Pluto the pure terrorism of the mass, this was a mass shooting. Scorpio on the cusp of the 8th house foresees it would be a dark place without many exits. When Mars is somehow with Pluto, the desire to eliminate the source that brought the native pain, humiliation and dark complexes is strong, and unfortunate for some people that propensity seems uncontrollable and needs some kind of immediate sentence.

[Ok, now hours later, pubished an article which confirms me the fact Omar had problems with rejection: Mateen graduated from Indian River State College, worked briefly as a state prison guard before being fired, then spent nine years working as a security guard for G4S, the global security company. His troubles with one of his co-workers, Daniel Gilroy, played a role in Gilroy’s leaving his security guard job with G4S. Although Mateen brought his prayer rug with him to work as a security guard at PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, and regularly prayed, “He had very low regard for women,” said Gilroy, repeatedly making “derogatory remarks.” But, said Gilroy, Mateen was also constantly hitting on women driving in and out of the gated community, where the two men handled guard. Fed up with Mateen’s attacks on women, gays and African Americans, as well as his outbursts — “You could hear him yelling and cursing” in the guardhouse — Gilroy said he finally told Mateen, “I do not share your views. You come in at 3, I leave at 3. Let’s just keep it at that.” And that, said Gilroy, is when Mateen “went boiled rabbit crazy on me.” Mateen began texting Gilroy repeatedly, he said, writing such things as, “‘Why aren’t you contacting me?’ ‘You are betraying me’.” Based on the relentless messaging, Gilroy said his girlfriend became suspicious the two men were in a romantic relationship, Mateen being the jilted lover. “I actually had to explain to my girlfriend that I was not having an affair with a man.” When he showed her all of the text messages, said Gilroy, “She burst into tears because he was so scary.” Gilroy quit.” – this particular testimony testifies my theory written above, although not clearly prove the motive was triggered by the rejection itself of another ‘lover’, or, someone he “thought” it was, as the declaration of Gilroy foretells us. They continue: “FBI director James Comey said the Bureau was “highly confident” Mateen had been radicalized, how he was radicalized, and by whom, has not yet been revealed.”]

“Omar Mateen wanted us to think he was martyring himself in the name of holiness. He was actually a sad loser obliterating himself for the sake of revenge.” – David Brooks JUNE 17, 2016 NYTIMES

The Moon usually confirms a mundane chart for me. It seems inevitable not to see the Yod formed by sextile of the Moon in Virgo to Mars in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus in Aries at the apex of the configuration hold in the 1st house of the murderer. Moon in the chart is the crowd nature’s expression, in this case it shows setting down in the horizon going to the sect it most feel comfortable at, even when she rules over the night. That night She made a conjunction to Jupiter, meaning it people were celebrating an international event, which was this case, it was called “Latin flavor” night event, the soon conjunction to North Node indicated a lesson to society in terms of international affairs and the dangerous of religious fanatics in a wide scale, mostly worldwide.

Now lets explore the chart of the author of the cold-blooded crime. Since we are on the void of Mateen’s birth time, ignore the Ascendant sign, all other house’s cusps and the degrees of the Moon, but the chart is set for the first hour of November 16th, 1986, hence the Moon would never be in Aries that day but Taurus, indicating fixed emotions for the author of the delinquency, and that was intensified once he had Stellium in Scorpio, the opposite sign. Mateen was son of Afghan immigrants being born in New York:


Omar Mateen was about to turn 30 years old, so basically he was still under his Saturn’s Return in Sagittarius. If this was a homophobic case motivated by hatred and struggle with self-acceptance then we shall see the astrological correlation in between.

  • “One former classmate of Omar Mateen’s 2006 police academy class told The Palm Beach Post that he believed Mateen was gay, saying Mateen once tried to pick him up at a bar.” – published

All is pointing to Omar’s oppressed sexuality, again. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, we don’t know his birth time, compromising the astrological perspective on the homosexuality issue (free ebook here), because the Ascendant (Asc) is an essential starting point which matters so much, through it we can understand prior motives and it is where planets such as Venus, Neptune and Uranus are opposite or conjunction the first house (Asc) indicating highly homossexual or bissexual tendencies.  From the little information we are told, we could only inform the readers the potencial Moon in Taurus opposite his Venus/Pluto opposition, a highly indicator present in many charts of homosexuals and cold-blood killers. Scorpio by itself is a scary word for many, the experience the sign provides can be scary and it will if one desires and find that path comfortable, Omar had Sun/Mercury/Pluto and Venus all in Scorpio, he surely was a person of depth and intense emotions who wanted to feel the darkness and extreme death-wish smelled over him, and the Sun square to Mars in exact orb only did but compromised his dark predisposition. His masculinity (Mars) was somewhat affected by the presence of the Sun (Father). Something also tells me about him being abused in the past, his charts shows him as abuser or the abused, observed and generalized by the facts so far over his life. I think his father has a great deal of abuse over his psychological behavior, perhaps one of those that would castigate the son for days in order to learn how to be a “macho”, this can alter the later conscious expression of any individual. The father keeps sending misleading messages on interviews, notice that; he knew the sexuality of his son since the beginning, for sure, even when he says otherwise.


Seeing the chart above, when you put the day of the shooting’ chart above the Omar’s chart, we can desperately see transiting Mars retrograde in Scorpio conjunction the Sun of the killer by only 2° orbs. Mars is the warrior and the war’s trigger, mixed with the Sun, you shall have a very powerful warrior or war. Of course, Omar was no warrior but a coward who used the excuses of “my country this and that” to offer a mass murder to those nothing personally involved with him. He was confused, Mars was telling him to “act with impulse” while his Sun was promoting this scene in his mind along with Mercury there since a long time, Scorpio doesn’t just to things out of nowhere, they need time as they fixed thoughts turn each day more rea and more intense, than bang… Mars come back with a square Moon activating the whole thing! Many things were going on astrologically in the life of Omar, but I’ll stick only to that explanation in order for us to purely analyze the movites and aims of the author, which tells me this was completely personal and not ‘idealistic’ at all as he was trying to prove.



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