The Astrology of Reincarnation: Karma & Cause and Effect – Nodal Axis – Myths – The Soul

The Astrology of Reincarnation

Karma & Cause and Effect – Nodal Axis – Myths – The Soul


“Reincarnation is the law of spiritual evolution. It gives everything a chance to work out its karma (the law of action). Evolution and reincarnation are methods of propelling all creation toward final freedom in Spirit, held no longer under the natural law of death.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

All as one

“How we live this life determines what we are in the next” – Paramahansa Yogananda

It is almost impossible to talk about reincarnation and not use the word karma, while both words are complete different in terms and meanings; they are at the same time sharing the same principle of cause and effect of nature. And when dealing with this principle in its raw quality, we realize that the cause and effect are actually events rather than agents of creation in which creates another chain of circumstances and scenarios. Henceforward the fact humans consciously aware of their choices at hand are dealing directly with free will, supporting the idea that the pendulum is indeed moving towards the next pole when the time comes rightly.

hands-chessIf one supports the idea of reincarnation and cause and effect all together, one realizes that events in life happen with a reason, something more subtle yet well touchable and objectively recorded is hidden under the law of karma (law of action), laying the secret from the universe’s reaction to the principle of cause and effect in which is unstoppable applied. Isan Newton wrote: “for all actions there is an equal or contrary reaction.” However, by own experiences, I am certain that are certain things that aren’t meant to happen and that is because of our free-will, we can escape a tragic end if avoiding certain paths or choosing a fulfilling and satisfying path, leading and ruling the game instead of being ruled by it. Another indicator is when life gives you a new person, a new character, a new player that will change the board for you while you are playing the game, for better or worse. The same when following a new career that you were ‘never’ supposed to learn, opening new roads for the destiny to play about under the law of your command. Yet for that, letting go of one’s old patterns and behavior is the hardest for some yet worthy of thousand lives before applying to another field of expertise.

“We have to return again and again to the school of life until all lessons have been learned. So long as we leave earth at death with desires unfulfilled we have to come back again in order to fulfill those desires. – Paramahansa Yogananda

Would you agree that for Mozart or Einstein (although there are Alien theories also) to have learnt all he has in only one life? That wasn’t objectively possible! Neither to the higher spiritualists, expertise and other few genius that appear each century, for that it was necessary years of evolution of one’s talent until one becomes a genius. When one is about to let go of one’s own geniality, one at the same time is opening a new door for a new ability to come about, therefore a new journey waits the individual ahead, and in astrology that is indicated by both South and North lunar nodes. When going into the next phase of the pendulum, the scenario changes, and for that something valuable and vital must be sacrificed.

Mostly everybody once in their lives said “you will pay back for what you’ve done!”; Usually the classical dramatic and karmatic sentence comes from a reaction from rage or anger, followed by the feeling or the thinking that the universe must do something for letting the other causing such powerful reaction, the vibration of such mentality can indeed affect the other if one let it in and vise versa. Morals and ethics should be screaming to be heard at this moment at this writing, but I won’t expand the subject to it.

The Astrology of Reincarnation


  • The Nodal Axis – South and North Node in Astrology

There are theories around astrology in which the Ascendant sign you have in this life was your last life’s Sun sign. Although that is complete arguable and debatable, the Moon nodal axis were greatly recognized as points in which humanity transcend Souls since the Arabic influence over western astrology took a slightly enlightened approach to the occult minders.

I think it is important to watch and observe the cycles of the Moon when speaking about the astrology of reincarnation, as the Moon predicts the predictable and periodical cycle of a natural rhythm of nature followed by the Earth’s path around the Sun (in which appears as observing from Earth, the Sun is moving rather than Earth’s) forming the intricate and intersecting points known in astrology as the lunar nodes. Also, these strategically hidden spots are where eclipses happen, without near the nodes an eclipse is impossible, and in astrology eclipses (raw) aren’t much welcoming as it brings tension, confusion, abrupt endings or forced beginnings or adjustments, no matter how enlightened the end may be. Leaving the technical information for the picture above, the rhythm is clear and obvious at first sight and indeed it brings a conscious approach to the fact we are born only to die and reborn again, like when the Moon dies every time it goes Dark, seeding new intentions herself as new beginnings approach while waxing crescent Moon is ready to show its full nature when the Full Moon comes about, showing what one is here for, chanting the whole path ahead, cultivating intentions and actions, the lighting the Sun donates to the Moon serves as a support for the Moon to re-create and circulate one’s mutable path, the universe for the individual is now ready for harvest. The Nodes are also essential to read that if the actual reincarnation in astrology while investigating a chart of a client asking to know their past lives and the now, is to know if rather the person is here to fulfill one’s true capacity to the world to see, harvesting years of a dedicated life to it or the soul is seeding newly again, or in the middle of both.

In Mundane Astrology the nodal axis points where could be identified the karma of a group, of a society or plain group of people killed in masses or a country or continent that overflow in positive abundance, whatever that means to you. Although the whole meaning is mutable changed while reading a mundane chart, the Nodes and their relevance in both predictive techniques, the meaning are of exclusivity in each. My point is that we can see how the Moon is related to the public when dealing with its wild nodal axis and the masses, meeting with the need to explore the public world rather than just the personal issues. Whenever one reads the nodal axis in a chart, one reads the connection one will have will the a certain group of people; that could be a recent post graduated teacher that is anxious for the first teaching class and ends up his life being a director of the local high school, finding his North Node path at the end of his life’s, or the president of a country that only did but satisfied one’s only will and desire, meting the South Node as for another round, negatively influencing others or destroying socials relevant desires to have one’s own ego temporarily self- satisfied. The difference while we go back to the darkness yet familiar South Node rather than following the light from the North, is that identifying with the past only brings temporary feelings of relief and quick ego satisfaction, while the emotions are actually screaming to go opposite way, urging to be expressed into the linear and finite line of reincarnation in only one game that is played on Earth.


No connection to Natal Nodes

Traditional astrologer would point that the Nodes could only exert influence if conjunction to a most personal planet or the Ascendant. Modern astrologers have studied and created others predictive techniques in which includes the last transpersonal Pluto, that in connection to the nodes has a tremendous evolutionary changing effect, as an example from the pioneering Jeff Green and his theories around the subject.

When a person has a chart where no personal planet connects to the Nodal Axis, apparently one wouldn’t identify with the indicated North Node position neither the sign the point is in, creating an Alien atmosphere for the person, yet for this reincarnation the person isn’t about to play the nodes for this time around, meaning that no higher mission if expected for the person in question, though one is found at the position, the same won’t have relevant influence over the masses. This phase of reincarnation is considered an adjustment of the soul in order to cultivate the idea of a new change is coming for the soul, not the body – the mortal mask for the soul’s spirit, therefore strangeness around a new life style or path is evidently seem with hard eyes. Nevertheless one mustn’t consider the triumphs from the life that is resulted from your own effort in which the universe throws us at times.

  • The Imagination that goes beyond the box & The Dragon

Now, imagine you waking up inside a box, a black box and it has its limitation, you can only move about 8m² (size of the box) then you reach walls. Desperately, you want to know the reason you are inside that box, and then from the east comes a huge ball in the sky with color of yellow and about 12 hours later you realize that this particular ball had culminated in the south and then it settles down in the west, you know that because it happens to exist a dipping compass inside the box that you realized when the yellow ball appeared. You now see that while the ball is setting, another ball but the color of white tinted with shades of blue, although not as shiny as the previous ball appears rising beautifully, this takes your breath away, gently and placid. Now you are grasping the idea. Let’s explore more.

Considerate this: Your mind has been deleted from modern influences, actually it has been programmed to only react instinctively to the symbology of what is going on in the direct environment you are found in, although the conscious self is there, for this particular experience, you are consciousLess;

Days have passed, and the box starts shaping itself into a ball while the same cycle from the movements of both luminaries happens again and again at the same time, now you have a clock with you that appeared from nowhere, and things begin to seem familiar each day passes by. At this exactly moment, images of a dragon moving around suddenly appeared in the walls, the dragon is flying and it is scary looking, although you don’t know if it harmful or harmless, but the images lasts for hours. The other day, roses and ocean images appear on the wall, and the sound start making its presence known to you as the ocean and birds start making their hypnotic sounds.

A few days later, an Eclipse of the blue sphere (ball) happens. Unconsciously predicting, the Moon must be eaten by a dragon or something, as something seems to star blocking the Moon’s viewing in perfect motion, then your instinct tells you that there must exist a dragon flying around the particular box. You start creating fantasies with your mind about the imaginary dragon, you explore possibilities, try theories and diagnoses trough the cycle of both luminaries, which for you now, are a compass of the ordinary and finite life, you have a clear idea that you have a limited time there. And you realize that whenever the eclipse happened, there was something more than ordinary, something extraordinary was going on, the dragon must be starving. In which by the way, the dragon doesn’t exist in reality, but does exerts influence on the person inside the box, she is searching for more, she wants to go beyond the box yet the imminent doubt will always scare her away, because doubt seems dangerous as the instinctual fear when observing an angry and scary looking animal coming in your direction, now imagining this happening in your sky above.

The text above is an illustration of how one would feel if existing in ancient times, while living thousands of years to grasp it little by little; where ancient societies would view the sky without the intellectual knowledge of mathematics, yet it was worth thousand years of doubt and curiosity in order to dig deep into the fear of the unknown and really see what is outside the box, the dragon exists only in our minds, however, the symbology it lighteneth the conscious is of extreme importance when reading as a code-number to specific events. The sky and the stars would be their best movie to watch every night, the distraction besides the infinite sky was the people, earth and the animals. The instinctual data humanity had inherent from, comes from millennial, and the Nodal Axis, although not exactly planets, they are points of great significance to predict humanities’ path into the unknown, validating the past and reconsidering a new future.

  • The Myths

“It was once thought that this threatening dark body was a dragon, which ended at two opposite points on either side of the Moon. They believed they couldn’t see the Moon because either the dragon’s head or tail had come between the Earth and the Moon.” (The Encyclopedia of Islam, H. A. R. Gibb, 1982, p. 536).

The origins of metaphor from the Dragon’s head and tail in connection to the Lunar Nodes remains superficially lost in time, however evidences of huge dragon’s or animals alike are documented as far as Mesopotamian goes, later the Indians also had their own Dragon – Rahu, the dragon’s head; and Ketu, the dragon’s tail, while Hindu culture used to call it a serpent named Rahu. Both myths the animal is immortal, and in the Indian version told in Mahabharata, god wanted to create the elixir of immortality, perhaps expressing the human will to forever live, even after a mortal death, fitting rightly with the Moon Nodes while both point intersects past and formal lives, symbolizing as a link connection to one side of the coin to another, an unstoppable and intermittent cycle. Although it is almost certain that the origin of its metaphoric symbology was considered after man was able to intellectually explain and draw what actually eclipses were and mathematically considered as an evident point in the sky to look further. The Moon nodal axis symbolizes our soul progress, the development of the soul from the lower to the higher extension of life, where serenity, happiness and endless feelings of joy is expected when achieved the Northmost of one’s soul. In relation to the houses the nodal axis fall, it is interesting to note from medieval astrologers such as Ibn Ezra the strong induction of a more enlightened meaning to the North Node, complete opposing negatively the South Node in the opposite house in question to the North Node.

Alchemical manuscript of the seventeenth century
Alchemical manuscript of the seventeenth century – Hermaphrodite that represents human dual psyche nature, the feminine and the masculine

And if we know for sure that if the Nodes really represent the soul’s path, we must take consideration that no life is excluded of pain, disasters, traumas and conflicts of lower or higher levels. The path at the actual era of our time, is still suffering in what they should not, increasing the respective revelation of the South in contrast to the North Node in its pure essence of intention. The generalization that the North Node represents good and South Node bad as far as ancient people were concerned was due to the fact their society was new, unknown as it still is, yet intellectually advanced, they still hadn’t progressed enough as society to grasp all the knowledge of such human revolution. In fact, the scenarios back then were totally organic and people were much more in contact with nature and their inner beliefs, which most of the time, the last lead society to their fall. In a higher context for the New Agers, that would mean that while the South Node are memories that no longer serves a higher purposes, they must all be released and erased, evacuated from the dragon’s tail, whereas the North Node represent the memories that indeed are in constant and unstoppable creation, even after death.

The myths behind the Nodes linked to most creative imagination helped humanity achieve higher consciousness when one is ready to eliminate the benefit of doubt, leaving behind the world of symbolism in which humanity corresponds since early civilization. Ancient civilization had its imagination further expressed in creative outlets such as illustration of their beliefs or ideals craved in stones. Usually we see animals representing a pattern of human psyche since earlier. Carl Jung writes:

“Among these tribes, where their consciousness has a divergent level of development from ours, the ‘soul’ (or psyche) isn’t understood as unity. Some of them recognizes that a man has a bush soul (forest soul) beyond its own, a soul that incarnates in a wild animal or in a tree in which the individual assume some kind of psyche identity. That is what illustrious French ethnologist Lucien Lévy-Bruh dominated as ‘mystic participation’. Later after under pressure of unfavorable critics, denied that expression, but judged his opponents as rather wrong in their critics. It is a psychological phenomenon well-known that an individual be identified unconsciously with some other person or object.” – Jung explaining the ‘disassociation’ complex of human psyche in the book “Man and his symbols”.

The Moon in astrology rules over our unconscious patterns and instinctual behaviors, although complete feminine, it is debatable if the Nodes has feminine and masculine energies, since they metaphorically are represented by Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Perhaps indicating that the soul has no defined gender or sexuality but the one owned in Earth’s. In medieval astrology the Head of the dragon was supposed to be the feminine side of the Nodes, while the tail the opposite. Gender is a great topic to be discussed as it ensures one’s entire primary state of evolution as a physical body to express its past, present and future.

Saturn – Lord of Karma and rightly Timing

While past memories that are never forgotten belong to the Moon in astrology; taskmaster Saturn assures you will have karma, when Saturn is associated with Cronus the God of time. Here we learn that Karma is neither good nor bad, but neutral. All the responsibility that is brought up directly from karma is associated with Saturn. In fact, an astrologer who are specialized in the area usually looks all over the planets, the retrogrades, the nodes, Pluto, Saturn, the lack of elements, you name it – since karma and its wide levels are to be experienced in all degrees as possible, from the personal to the collective karma. One of the mainly associations with Saturn that I delve with deeply is because Saturn is the lord of hard lessons, and usually karma although Neutral, it isn’t seem with a straight sight. There are thousands of articles about Saturn and Karma available on the internet, which I won’t go far at this article alone.

The quality of the Soul

In Tetrabiblos Book III, Claudius Ptolemy wrote in 1822 part 13thOf the Quality of the Soul’, what today is known in astrology as Manners, which denotes the correspondence of qualities of a soul on Earth, especially triumphing the Moon and Mercury as soul kind indicators. Recently I wrote about Mercury and its recent discovery that you can see by clicking here, where I forehanded a new visionary approach to Mercury as the planets that represents the power of the mind in Co-creation in the life of a human, where intellectual Mercury rationalizes the next environment to play around. I haven’t see many astrologers using this specific technique from Tetrabiblos, as now people are further exploring Pluto and the Nodes more specifically, specially western astrologers.



Os Nódulos Lunares; Astrologia Cármica I – by Martin Schulman

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