The Astrology of Kat Von D

The Real name of this authentic tattoo artist is Katherine Von Drachenberg, the standard search on the internet about her birthday is March 8,1982 inMonterrey, Mexico – but we do not have her *birth time, unfortunately. She can be seen in her late show Los Angeles Ink.

I remember reading once that tattoos are ruled by Aquarius, ruling also tribal matters and unique identity trough creative forms of art itself.

Watching Los Angeles Ink, it was incredible thinking out loud: “her Natal Mercury must be in Aquarius”, and it is indeed.

Mercury reveals how we express our intellect trough our style, our ability to show ourselves to the world via the body, the planet is the messenger that deliveries the news from the information that contains inside us all. Aquarius rules radical thinking, it goes beyond what normal is in society, where Aquarius is the horoscope, it calls for a  futuristic view, a cool and detached look, it rules what is different and what pushes the bottom to extremes of being out of ordinary. Kate Von D is always with friends, and she is the center of it even if she doesn’t want it. Her moon could be in late Leo or in early Virgo, I go for Leo, where luxury in extravagance in her studio is the rule. The perfection of her fine lines in her art trough the people’s body could be pointed by others factors in her chart.

Sun in Pisces is artist by nature, is evident for such a creative persona, water signs are known for their capacity to channel themselves into a paper and a pen, drawing themselves above their ordinary imagination, especially Pisces, which covers much of their imaginations with subtle touches of deep sense of the abstract. The sign is ruled byNeptune that symbolically is represented by a trident, Kat Von D seems to have the knowledge of Astrology or perhaps she’s just a fan of the symbol, since we can see in her tattoo studio/store from time to time on television.

Venus in Aquarius, the planet of beauty with the sign of the unusual makes an exact sextile to Uranus – the ruler of Aquarius, leading a personality that enjoys being at easy with the unusual kind of life, experiencing pleasures of doing things differently from the normal. Aquarius likes to treat others the same way, a friend of hers that Kate told on TV was an example, he said in a stressful conversation that she treats everybody equal, when she should be seeing the person as unique having the problems that are not of others, therefore, not equal.

Von D has also 3 planets in Libra, including Pluto and its close conjunction with Saturn and a wider conjunction with Mars. Libra seeks aesthetic perfection along with Taurus, which both are ruled by Venus, the planet of the arts, Libra also rules the extravagance of beauty via body. Pluto (power) reveals her obsession for the dark side of her personality which explain all the dark clothing and the tattoos that cover all the body, with Saturn is seeks for structure and the real deal when playing plain in her addiction to tattoos where her drawings are very realistic and rich in details, and Mars plays a strong influence within the conjunction in her confidence which shows perfectly her gift, since it rules our drive to get things done in life in general.

Neptune in Sagittarius sextile Mercury in Aquarius, people project on her appearance the perfect tattoo artist they would like to have some day into their lives, if they like tattoo anyway…

Kat’s prominent elements are Air and Water, a great and perfect example of someone who channels their intellect trough a creative channel.

The world is learning to accept tattoo as a form of expression and not a form of rebelling.


Tatoo Artist Kat Von D’ Stalker Michael Nunn & Astrology

On January this year, I wrote a little about the astrological influence on the character of the tatoo artist Kat Von D (here’s her chart) and wrote:

‘The Real name of this authentic tattoo artist is Katherine Von Drachenberg, the standard search on the internet about her birthday is March 8,1982 in Monterrey, Mexico – but we do not have her birth time, unfortunately. She can be seen in her late show Los Angeles Ink.’


Even without the exact time of the birth chart in question, there is a possibility of doing a rectification chart, however I am not into this, so I still assume as most astrologers do, that is still possible to look for the stars transiting the natal planets, even when the houses are not ‘there’ exactly, but the energy of the planets count that much. But I am very interested in knowing the angles and house rules of Kat’s chart.

J’adore Kat Von D! She has a strong personality, but still a sensible one as being a Sun in Pisces (sensitive energy) as it also makes a quiet hard aspect (quincunx) to Mars (forceful male energy) in Libra in which is detriment in the sign of the scales. But it seems that are people in which have no control for their ‘love’ to celebrities, and go far beyond its limit to get their personal attention.

This news is not that new, but I was on Facebook and I saw a feed from the fan page of Kate’s about a stalker that she claimed the man appeared to her in person, giving her calls, twiting her, giving her a present, even a personal visit to her studio of Los Angeles Ink tv reality show, etc:

“Von D has encountered Nunn numerous times over the past seven months, according to TMZ. In April, he showed up at her home and called her phone. In June, he appeared at one of her public events.

In May, Nunn sent a box of candy to Von D’s house using her birth name, Katherine Drachenberg, E! News reported. Later that month, after she told him to stop trying to contact her, he tweeted out her phone number.

The paperwork filed by Von D for the restraining order alleges Nunn’s tweets reveal “delusional and paranoid tendencies, including a belief the FBI is watching him and that certain celebrities want to harm him,” according to E! News.” –

I have read about Pluto showing up in charts of disturbed people who stalks other people, or people who are victims of stalkers, when Pluto rules obsession one finds him/herself without control, and leads a paranoid attitude towards someone who they praise most, as a disturbed and delusional fan for example. In this case, I have not the chart of Michael Nunn (the stalker) but do have his twitter. I wish at least know what year the stalker were born and his Sun, that would be of a little help, instead there are only ways to reading what kind of worst scenarios Kat could being attracting without wanting in her life, by Pluto’s meaning in her chart. According to astrology, victims of paranoid people are frequently seen as a magnetic Pluto involved in the chart with strong aspects to it. And in the case of Kat’s she has a strong influence of Pluto in Libra in the chart, while it makes a close conjunction to Saturn in Libra (5 orbs) is also makes a wide conjunction to Mars in Libra within 9 orbs. So it is a triple Libra going on the backstage of her private and public life as Pluto giving the two planets energy more depth and magnetic attention towards her work (Saturn), her straight attitude (Mars) and the power to transform others physically (Mars) trough tattooing (Mercury) people, Pluto also trines Mercury (hands) transforming bodies into a beautiful art (Venus), Pluto also squares Venus in the chart. Mars is headed Saturn that is headed towards Pluto, in theory, because all the 3 planets are retrograded in Von D’s chart, highlighting the triple conjunction. Kat Von D has Sun in Pisces, giving her a gloomy and Neon character and Pisces rules illusion, the Sun quincux Mars (the man in our life, following by Saturn that rules authority figures in our life), making it possible to man be attracted by her imagining her as they wish, even when in reality she is totally not what the man thinks she is, Pisces has this gift, or sometimes a curse in this particular scenario.

Transits to Kat’s Chart

At the day (May 5th, 2012) she received a box with unwanted candy at the door of her house using her real name on the card, for coincidence I casted a chart for noon, and there was Moon in Scorpio at 10º degrees, if it happened around noon of that particular day, then the transiting Moon (irrational) was conjunction her natal Jupiter in Scorpio (excessive paranoid) that is natally at 10º degrees, indicating an obsessive action towards her and in her house (Moon), Jupiter is the oversee traveller, in this case, an unwanted one giving her a gift (Jupiter). Also since last year Kat has been having her Saturn return in Libra, and transiting Saturn (forced man in her life) moved just 3 degrees away from her natal Saturn (restriction) in Libra (the other), and of course, she’s got transiting Saturn also conjunction Kat’s natal Pluto in Libra only by -2º degrees, indicating a male figure in her life that would turn to be an obsessive one and delusional, as she experienced. Pluto forces us to see from what is hurting from inside out, and Saturn was teaching her a lesson, perhaps showing her the power of her Pluto in Libra expressing beauty that would cause a fixed and obsessive reaction on males figures. And, if Kat Von D has an actual Moon in Virgo, it would be better to speculate that Mars in Virgo that day was conjunction her Moon, also causing a forced (Mars) gift at her house (Moon) by some man. On May 29th, 2012 when she asked him to stop bothering her and following her, Michael Nunn then published by twitter her phone number, causing her more furious reactions and that is understandable when phone number is a private thing. At the day, transiting Sun, Mercury and Venus were all in the sign of the communicator and the ruler of phones – Gemini, and Venus (attraction) was on her long stay in Gemini that period of months, the Sun then was trining her Venus in Aquarius (causing a continual unusual attraction), and with the Sun it illuminated her power of attraction at the time, while transiting Venus was trining her Mercury in Aquarius, suggesting an unusual kind of phones and popular themes, like publishing to the her popular public her phone number. At this day, was also Kat Von D natal Moon in Virgo day (if she is really a Virgo Moon), transiting Mars in Virgo was conjunction Moon that day and both were opposite her Sun in Pisces, where outside influences how she should operate, forcing her to take an action about it. Unfortunately we only have these days of the stalker action online, so I am not able to go further.

Pluto and Obsession fixed Nature

Hades abduction of Persephone by Missinglinkantiques

Hades abduction of Persephone by Missinglinkantiques

Back to Pluto’s, Kate Von D is a Pluto in Libra generation, and she gets benefits from it as being a celebrity her chart is illuminated to the global sphere, also Pluto is in a wide conjunction Mars, a personal planet highlighting the characteristics in what this generation represents. Pluto in Libra people are here to delve with the relationships with the other, they share the soul development trough partnering, and they attract various kind of people to themselves, and find themselves also in beliefs of others even when they are totally the opposite, but they are magnetic people who are experiencing social interaction trough the other people. This generation is transforming the way we interact with each other and others culture at the same time. The Hades side of this generation is to explore death trough the other, and people with strong aspects to Pluto in Libra sometimes are prone to experience obsession in relationships and through the beauty they may be a target of an object of desire. With Pluto involved, we feel like we have a debt to pay, or others have it to pay to us.

Pluto in general rules over our deepest feelings where we usually don’t want to be aware of cause it hurts us, it causes fixation and obsession if not well aspected and controlled, many cases of violent death, rape, abuse there is Pluto involved. Pluto is a fixed planet, it maintains our waters deep down the emotional ocean that no one can see, it is a controlling planet that urges us to look beyond our bodies, the invisible nature that exits but cannot be seen, like the wind we cannot see, we feel it in our skin and make us goose-pimply therefore we simple know it exists and it can harm us depending on its degrees of speed, like our emotions, Pluto rules over our primeval instincts and our primeval unconscious. However, Pluto is not always about a candy box full of romantic intentions, the intentions could be to manipulate, to use or to destroy. Remembering a little about Hades Mythology, where Hades abducted Persephone because of her immense beauty and also because she was virgin, he became obsessed and fixated about the idea of having her, with dark horses in a high speed he kidnapped her, as she was still screaming for help, no one had heard her, then she became the queen of the underworld. While her mother (wife of Zeus) a goddess of agriculture was looking for her on earth, she was destroying the planet as she walked by, leaving a trace of unwanted destruction while crying for her daughter to return, symbolizing the destruction of Hades trough the other. Jupiter has also a lot to do with Kat’s chart as I said above. It is said that Zeus (Jupiter – father of Persephone) was aware of Hades plan to take his daughter and nothing did to stop his action, Zeus caused a lot of pain also in humanity, as he wanted everybody to worship him as the mainly god present on the world of gods, giving human and gods hard lessons.

The Judging Day – December 21th, 2012

The audience for a permanent restraining order against the stalker is up for tomorrow December 21st, 2012 the end of the world day. Looking at the chart for tomorrow is interesting… we have transiting Venus in Sagittarius conjunction Kat’s natal Uranus in Sagittarius, perhaps showing to get free (Uranus) from a fan (Venus) of hers. Although, transiting Saturn is almost conjunction Kat’s natal Jupiter in Scorpio, or this mean she will be limited (Saturn) by her luck (Jupiter) and the answer for the permanent (Saturn) restraining order will be no, or Saturn will work in her favor limiting the paranoid boy to cross her angles permanently (Saturn) as a crazy fan veneration as looking for her as a goddess (Jupiter). Seeing this chart, as not seeing her progressed chart, I doubt he will be able to still cross her places she is in, so I assume he will get a permanent restraining order, look at his twitter, he is a very delusional guy who is calling attention, and for facts in hands, I think a judge would have a good sense of calling a permanent decision. Recently, in the chart of KatVon D she had a New Moon in Sagittarius in close conjunction to her Natal Neptune, enhancing the possibility of a New dreams for her to follow, followed by delusions or people who might be delusional about her, in this case, Michael Nunn.

To end this case, I would also add that transiting Jupiter the king of gods and humans, is in Gemini right now and is opposed Kat’s natal Uranus in Sagittarius, indicating a surprising (Uranus) turn of luck (Jupiter) in her favor in the audience.

Personal Experience with Stalkers

Well, I think to some degree I have encountered some stalkers in my life, and both were ex-boyfriend if that counts.

One, I was 5 months with him, I knew that every time he had the time to betray he would. I was feelings unwanted, and wanted to turn my life to the better, so I made the decision to break up with him. The day I was actually going to do that, I caught him in the act on the corner of his house, I took a condom with me to throw at his face, because I knew that time (it was midnight) he was going to meet another boy (a friend of mine who told me that he wanted to meet him and I was going in his place), I told him how bad boyfriend and person he was, I accused him of lot of things and called him names… Soon he was crying and then knelt and told me he was going to kill himself if I did that to him, and his disturbing history I thought that was really going to happen if I did that at that time, so hours talking and I said ok, let’s try again. Of course that I wasn’t going to be ok, and would only give him space and time to think while he was thinking we were actually still dating. Fucking bastard, I felt sorry for him, and let this for a month, than told him to fuck off while he was ok. This wasn’t the last time we talked, well at least the last time he wanted to talk to me. First he wrote me a big latter apologizing, then told me his mother was bad to him and wanted me to help (he was lying), then after of my denials, he started following me. I am not this kind of guy who just let the other follow me, stalk me. I put it and end to it, but it wasn’t enough. The bastard untill today, 7 years later, call me at night and day, and of course that my boyfriend knows it and wants to finish him, but I don’t allow such violence to happen.

The second one, wanted to hit me after I told him I was unsatisfied with the relation, he was a good guy, but I knew he was also betraying me, so I wasn’t that bad because I most liked him as a friend. He did a fucking scene on street, people passing by and he couldn’t stop screaming at me. I went to his house the next day to take my stuff, and he told me that at least he wanted to have a final sex before the end, I agreed with him because i felt sorry for him too. It was almost a rape Lol. But then… he wasn’t done. He searched for me on the social areas virtual and in person, after 2 years he was still after me, and asking for sex.

The third one, it was a quick-date. But still, just after I knew that he was actually a prostitute, I was so fucking angry with me. But still, the guy for 3 nights kicked in my house’ door.

Unfortunately, people have this tendency or a trend for some specific transits to our charts to attract bad and intense situations for themselves that are outside forces showing that not always we have control of the situations we put ourselves in. I have Pluto in Scorpio in 10th house squaring Sun and Mars (man in our life) in the 7th house and Pluto trine Moon in Cancer in the 6th.

article written in 2012

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