The Astrology of Joseph Hubertus Pilates

note: I wrote this when I was very young to astrology, thus it is a simple review of Joseph Pilates

Unfortunately we have no birth-time, making it impossible to point where (houses) the planetary influence has most responses, therefore it lacks detailed information such as the Moon, Rising sign and MidHeaven, having in mind astrologers could then have acrobatic readings, where they point the planets and its signs and aspects at the day the event took place or that the individual came into world.

For real sources you could by an book. I have no book avaliable with myself here, and somethings I have read on the internet (which aren’t the most accurate and trusthfull tool) and what my boyfriend has to say about him, since he did his Completion of coursework over his method, but I have talked and seen others professionals talking about Joseph, so that will be my base, but you should do your work yourself if you really are into his biography.

Joseph was born in Mönchengladbach, Germany – the inventor of the original method Pilates, a very well-known fitness technique that requires nothing of equipments usino only the body as the main source, AND there are many more Pilates exercises in equipments to complete the technique, that helps to improve:

  • physical strength
  • equilibrium between body and mind
  • flexibility
  • lengthen the muscles
  • intense focus
  • concentration
  • precision
  • flow of movements
  • articulation
  • breathing
  • stabilization

The technique affects directly the human spine and the abdomen region, where symbolically our PowerHouse that according to the creator, is where the center of the human body is located, you could also learn how to breathe correctly. The person feels relived instead of fatigue after exercising, since it is applied slowly and precisely.

He was born 31 years before the WWI started, and just after his Saturn return, Joseph was forced to go to prison camp where he first introduced the method to others soldiers who were also called upon, while then the flu epidemic crossed the world involving the first of the two H1N1 influenza virus (the other in recent 2009), and there are told most of the people who were in his camp didn’t die – the ones who practiced with him, and there I think should be where everything got its feet, where he was still going noticed after the war was over.

Pilates – 59 years old

The fiery Sun in Sagittarius (spine) Pilates didn’t have anything in Libra (however, we unknown his 7th house), yet students say Pilates was a much equilibrated man with body and soul. He had Mars in exact square to Neptune, making it hard to channel all the energies trough the body, wanting to have it out somehow trough physical activities and meditation would be difficult to focus, but once having the right tune with the aggressive side of human nature, the body would manifest then the best qualities of both planets helping it to prevent illness when well targeted.

Yes, he had Uranus in Virgo (nervous system), indicating a new creation of a revolutionary way with the care of the human body, as Virgo rules healthy and from earth element it has natural sense as a pleasant way to move trough life, and Uranus is radical in the intellectual pursuit, revealing someone who normal way of dealing with the body is not in their menu. But that is not enough in his horoscope.

Mars (Aries’ ruler) has male energy and shows our physical strength needing to relish all the negative emotions from daily factors that sometimes we cannot avoid. Venus (Libra’s ruler) has pure feminine energy and enjoys having things at easy. Both planets are in exact Sesquiquadrate, although it is not a major aspect, it is considered a hard aspect, involving our physical pleasure in life versus physical discharges from harsh energies. Pilates was a very conscious man in his physical attributes and knew how to use it in his favor later in life, why:

Pilates was known for being very sick as a child, suffering from inflammatory diseases such as rheumatic fever (could have been either heart, joints, brain or skin) and asthma, he also had rickets (affects direct the bones) which I guess could have been from starvation due to the lack of vitamin D and calcium considering that at the time poverty was an issue. At young age he was a boxer teacher and a circus performer, he also was a yoga student. As an adult, he had the reputation for having all his life working out to improve physical health condition, an obsession than took him over drastically to the point he created the method.

Joseph’s Saturn (joints/bones) in Gemini (ruled by mental Mercury) a mutable sign was conjunction Pluto (obsession/concentration) in Taurus (Venus), a fixed and from the earth element, meaning a person that discovers its deep power within just as a long-term idea gets older and mature enough to show to the world, Saturn have stamina and perseverance, and being from earth element it indicates where we should be more grounded for one to grow above its fear, and the sign of Gemini is flexible and adaptable, it demands variety and rules our respiratory and nervous system, in the other hand Pluto (death and rebirth) was in critical degrees Taurus (body), revealing a person which the control over the body is amazingly powerful and dynamic. The conjunction has a special guest which is Chiron – the wounded healer, and it is in Gemini (breath), demonstrating perhaps why he had the gift naturally, to heal oneself trough physical activity.

Pilates – 82 years old

The amazing exercise technique he developed was first called Contrology, in which contemporary dancers (including Martha Graham) at the time adopted its results of amazing bone restructure of the gaining power back of the human body and the healing of the mind trough the method without artificial means. Pilates is also adaptable for most ambition students of the human body for creating their own movments.

It is said he died from emphysema in 1967 by the age of 83 years old but there were nothing officially, he used to smoke a lot of cigarettes and cuban charutos. ButI remember I’ve read in a book (no book name remembere) that he could have died after his studio got burned down, I hope some passenger reader would correct the text above 😉

Nowadays Pilates is reference and taught in the whole world, he used to say that what he invented is 50 years ahead of his time… his Uranus (future) was trine Pluto (powerful healing source) and Saturn (father of time), indicating someone full of potential to lead innovative alternatives under social upheaval

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