The Astrology of Bruce Jenner’s transition

The Astrology of Bruce Jenner’s transition



“I’m not Gay!”

This is all about personality, appearance and a sense of being true to oneself. Mmm, this sounds very Pluto in connection to the Nodes and the evolutionary journey of one’s soul. Oh Bruce Jenner, you are a living soul full of great openings in his evolutionary journey as transiting Pluto is waving intensely in a conjunction to his progressed Sun in the first House of self, appearance and personality, leading Jenner to find a substantial ground to strengthen what his Soul desperate want to find a sense of extreme happiness to oneself, to such a degree that this men in this 65’s can’t hardly wait to get his nails femininely polished. Bruce Jenner is an example of the opening of the Aquarius Age where human identify as one is integrated as part of an ideal to change the way we see ourselves, where sexual identify is verily a way to penetrate society’s archaic and judgmental vicious circle to find a victim to kill, the excuses for it won’t fit the new Aquarius age, therefore, radically extinguished from Earth, perhaps next time Pluto enters Scorpio (next 310 years or so), where prejudice against the other because what the other feels on the inside, will be a fact from the past.

New forms of human to sexually connect with the other are having new ground. There are those who believe we are shouting towards the end of sexual identity. Gender and sexuality are merely fragments of the same source, though sexuality is a material manifestation of gender – that is different from sex. Complex… yet, a form to see it from history changes the picture.

Since civilization the figure of ‘Man’ has been exposed to the natural rhythm and qualities of aggressiveness, straightforward and is supposed to be violent to defend one’s terrain, such strong masculine body indicators are naturally seems as stronger than female in physical sense, therefore acquiring the need to super-pass women in all activities where physicality is concerned. Well, nowadays we see women way stronger than man, women having their rights and having much more influence on society than man than ever. Gender equality (Aquarius) is way too possible for the upcoming years.

Its is an unstoppable trend that has been activated specially by  Uranus-Pluto cycle in astrology. We had it just now, 5 years ago, remember the silent? That crazy silent left by Neptune in Aquarius some years ago, the silent revolution that were about to explode when Uranus entered Aries. Then… it happened, the explosion happened, internally. Society as a whole are being shocked to extremes. Like if it was supposed to be a test, to what is to come for us in this period in the universe.

Highly strategical universe indeed!

What to look for?

Bruce Jenner is going through an intense and deep body and physiological transformation (Pluto) that will affect entirely his identity (Sun) and life, a total make over in his personality, face and whole body (1st house). This has nothing to do with sexual desire (8th house) neither about gender issue, although his changing ‘gender’ on the outside, that would still be a 1st house department, since he’s complete sure he’s straight, lived a life as a straight, only his appearance wouldn’t had fit the outer world. This has to do about being true to oneself, to express outwards what one feels inward.

The case is purely about identity (Sun) and personality (1st house) and a long-term transformation (Pluto) that actually has begun a long time ago according to him, yet, the physical (Sun and the 1st house) attributes are getting to a complete change only at this stage of his life (now 65). The effect he is having on people is totally different and eccentric (Uranus) for the majority, people are showing sometimes desperate shocking and spontaneous popular quoting: “oh that’s shocking!”. In a close minded society, a man in his 65’s would have to be crazy to get an appearance of a woman at his age.

Taking a serious note down, Bruce had made himself clear that he isn’t gay as far as he is concerned (never been with a guy before) and doesn’t intend to change sex gender surgically. I don’t feel the scenario for him as surprising, but as a sense of feeling sincere that gives him the pleasure to keep what he’s doing and given example as someone able to change outward what one has felt inward all the same from ages.

The 10th house of public image is a good indicator to look for, yet this is still about his appearance (1st house) and being true to himself and others about who he truly is (Sun).

Natal Chart


  • Pluto (ruler of the 1st house of appearance/body) in the 10th house of status and reputation

When the ruler of the 1st house is located in the 10th house of public image, there is a struggle to the way one see the world and how one image to be in it, and how the person is in reality. That will depend on the extension of the chart from Pluto in the 10th house, where in his case…

“Tenth House Pluto, in almost all cases, have switched gender in their most recent prior lives; sometimes the current life is the firs experience in the opposite gender in many lifetimes. This usually signals that a state of imbalance through the gender that came before. Thus, for evolutionary purposes, they have switched genders to promote balance and further growth. The resulting hormonal shift of the gender switch can create a variety of emotional moods and feelings that are difficult for the individual to relate to, let alone control. These emotions seem to have a life of their own. The evolutionary need is to become aware of the source or trigger producing the moods and emotions rather than being a victim of them. In this way self-knowledge will grow – what are these feelings telling myself?” – Pluto – the evolutionary journey of the soul by Jeff Green

  • Pluto in the 10th house trine North Node in the 6th house – Jeff Green (evolutionary)

Pluto in cool aspect with North Node, indicates a prosperous chance in life to blossom as time passes by, when the right timing come, the individual feels the need to start a transformational period  that will soon or later reach the source, to achieve higher plenitude when the complete change comes, as a trine to the node, this come easier, though efforts are necessarily.

Pluto in the 10th house also involves with the gender of one, again, not the sex collocation here, instead, the principle of gender here is applied intensely. And in the 10th house, this involves in one’s right direction in life, right to the top, what one feels secure enough to say: “I’m really here!”

  • Sun ruler of the 10th house of public image in the 1st house of appearance and personality

Bruce has natal Sun in Scorpio conjunct the 1st house. Sun in this particular area of the self, is attention seeker or like a magnetic to people seeking to observe. Either way, the native here is really proud and certain of who he/she is, although that will depend much of the influence of Pisces, 12th house, Jupiter and Neptune.

When the ruler of the 10th house falls in the 1st house of appearance and personality, the person usually finds the center of his job, career or profession, the image and the body are connotations of a career to follow and shall make use of the body for that circumstances. Bruce Jenner won the gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal, after this he appeared in movies and TV-shows, stating again the condition of this configuration on the physical plane. The Sun also trines Uranus in the 9th house, projecting an unusual and eccentric identity.

“I’m a Woman.”

  • The Transits to Natal Chart

First, lets record that there is no major opposition of transiting planets to either his natal or secondary progressed chart. This indicates a great flow and easy go of opportunities from the most benefit forms, as the transits and major configurations are going on softly or on easy (conjunction, trine, sextile and a few squares).

  • Transiting Uranus conjunction Natal North Node in the 6th house and trine Natal Pluto in Leo in the 10th house
    1. Transiting Uranus sextile natal Venus (ruler of the 10th house of public image) in the 2nd house
    2. Transiting Uranus conjunct 4th house of private life – opposite natal 10th house of status

Again the relation of North Node-Pluto, but this time, original Uranus is symbolizing a radical and intense up and inward brutal (fast and spontaneousness) changes, and the transits involves Aries. With the warrior sign, I think Bruce is finding even more liberating to deal with the public at the same time, he feels no ashamed or sorry of this fact nor seem to show delusional tendencies! Remember, Bruce is a well-formed man, there is nothing abnormal going on in his chart, except for this transit. The transit to Pluto is fierce and a tendency for self-creation is exalted and needs room to construct all the changes needed, the Soul is getting shocks of reality, of originality, is asking to liberate (Uranus) from the toxic past Soul (Pluto) to a new evolved Soul (North Node). Intense yet liberating transit! And talking from the top of the 10th house, Bruce Jenner wants everybody to see his changes! This will not be private (4th house/Moon) whatsoever.

Uranus transits asks to break the old to make space for the new, for the akin to breathe the impossible and the predictable. Uranus is ruler of the Aquarius age, is it has been studying as the planet ruler of the minority, in this case, the GLBT causes. For the mundane to the individual, Uranus in touch with a transpersonal natal planet such as Pluto, brings eccentric deep transformation that causes great eruptions, yet, in Bruce’s chart, the trine to Pluto made the transiting now ever real to possible than ever, the cause here is the source, the coming back to the source, the Soul.

Secondary Progressed chart


The progressed chart serves as a backup technique. The transits in question are more likely to show when in the presence of the light of such chart. The chart is used to see the relation to the actual events from the ‘what if I?’ perspective, as a predictive technique to spot on the individuals’ revolution at this life, and utilize it as a confirmation chart to the soul’s journey.

There is an almost grand trine in the air signs where Venus (the ruler of the progressed 10th house) is involved with Neptune conjunct the 10th house and Moon in Gemini in the 6th house, indicating a great web of support coming from the public and home, in the 6th house would have to be about being humble about it, also about putting oneself into perfecting Venusian qualities, in his case, turning into a woman.

  • Sun (authentic self) in Capricorn in the 1st house of appearance and personality

When the progressed Sun moves into Capricorn, the individual has literally a practical attitude towards life, even when antecedent sloppy Sagittarius, the general life’s theme are changes complete and a new life style focus on a more sense of reality is proposed. Capricorn needs at least one time of his life, to knee in front of a higher power, this time, it happen in his personality (1st house), although I think (as astrology also tells me) this was forever his entire focus in his life.

  • The Transits to Progressive Chart
  • The trigger/Major move:
    • Pluto in Capricorn since the first square from Uranus were conjunction Bruce’s progressed Sun in the 1st house of appearance and personality 

Whoa! Bruce has been obsessed with the real him for a very long time. Bruce long way stated that once he took 5 years straight of feminine hormone when at young age. However, now he saw a chance to really commit himself deeply to this particular transition, resulting in an almost full-female body, if wasn’t for the not opting for having his genitals surgically removed.

Pluto won’t play fair, but will give what you need after-all, not at all like Saturn, yet, the similarity is when the Soul is concerned. With ruthless Pluto, things are taken out by outer forces, in his case, it was like feeling naked in front of everybody, giving others another perspective of his inside sensitiveness.

Others transits to identify in order to complete the chart’s analyzes

“…more proud than ever” – Brandon (Bruce’s son)

  • Pluto in Capricorn square progressed North Node in Libra in the 9th house (evolutionary)
  • Jupiter ruler of the 1st progressed house in a wide conjunction to harmonious Venus ruler of progressed 10th house of public image and reputation in the 2nd house of owned talents
  • All family support – transiting Uranus in the 4th house sextile Venus (ruler of 10th house) in the 2nd house, and trine Pluto in Leo in the 10th house


“…this has always been me.”



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