The Astrological Day of Self-Surgery – Leonid Ivanovich Rogozov

Would you imagine the guts you must have in order to perform a self-surgery operation? Courage and persistence! Leonid Rogozov had the most significant configuration of courage and initiative in the chart, as in the chart he had the most predominant fiery element and the most important exact aspect from the conjunction Sun/Mars in Aries by 0º degree and Uranus just after it, and people call him a Hero (Mars/Aries). Unfortunately we do not have the birth time, forcing us to look only for the stars and not the houses as it could indicate more precisely approach to the event itself, especially the 6th house where problems with the abdomen and peritonitis are prone to happen when afflicted. If he was born soon after midnight, then his Moon was in late Aries conjunction Uranus also in Aries, if not then early Moon in Taurus would be so. It is said that the Moon also rules the stomach, but the abdomen is said to be ruled by Virgo/6th/Mercury. I am not looking at solar return and progressive chart for this event.

Leonid Ivanovich Rogozov self-surgery

Leonid Ivanovich Rogozov self-surgery

The self conducted operation by Rogozov is a famous history; although I only knew about it trough facebook’s good side and researched briefly on the internet, he was a young Russian surgeon newly formed, and at the age of 27 while in expedition in Antarctic with the Sixth Soviet Antarc­tic Expe­di­tion in 1961, the only doctor on the expedition he had no other choice but to perform a self-surgery while feeling intense pain in the abdomen, high fever, and others symptoms of peritonitis, he decided not to die and had the courage to initiate a surgery of removing his own appendix, with the help of people with no experience in medical operation, one was a driver and the other a meteorologist:

On the morning of 29 April 1961, Rogozov experienced general weakness, nausea, and moderate fever, and later pain in the lower right portion of the abdomen. All possible conservative treatment measures did not help. By 30 April signs of localized peritonitis became apparent, and his condition worsened considerably by the evening. Mirny, the nearest Soviet research station, was more than 1,600 km (1,000 mi) from Novolazarevskaya. Antarctic research stations of other countries did not have an aircraft. Severe blizzard conditions prevented aircraft landing in any case. Rogozov had no option but to perform the operation on himself.

The operation started at about 22:00 on 30 April with the help of a driver and meteorologist, who were providing instruments and holding a mirror to observe areas not directly visible, while Rogozov was in a semi-reclining position, half-turned to his left side. A solution of 0.5% Novocain was used for local anesthesia of the abdominal wall. Rogozov made a 10–12 cm incision and proceeded to expose the appendix. General weakness and nausea developed about 30–40 minutes after the start of the operation, so that short pauses for rest were repeatedly needed after that. According to his report the appendix was found to have a 2×2 cm perforation at its base. Antibiotics were administered directly into the peritoneal cavity. By about midnight the operation was complete.” – Wikipedia

He was a hero at the event, he was able to perform (Sun) a surgery (Mars) in himself (Aries), while cutting (Mars) his own abdomen and still courageous (Aries) while losing vitality (Sun); Sun/Mars conjunction was in exact Sesquiquadrate aspect to Neptune (loosen consciousness) in Virgo (abdominal disorders). At the event he had lost consciousness, he was getting weaker from the medicines, and a mirror was held by another for him to see what he was doing during the operation, though didn’t help that much since the mirror was showing backwards to complicare the critic situation, and blinded he was still able to do it. But he didn’t hold it back and with no sign of discouragement he finished the surgery with success, and in 2 weeks was alright to finishe his duties at the expedition. It was a sudden (Uranus) decision; Uranus in Aries was also conjunction his Sun/Mars and if possible very close conjunction his Moon in possible Aries or even in Taurus.

At those months transiting Pluto was in Virgo about to conjunct his natal Neptune in Virgo, and transiting Mars (cuts) was Square (afflicted) his Sun/Mars/Uranus conjunction, forcing (Pluto) an emergency and a sudden (Uranus) surgery (Mars) in his abdomen (Virgo) almost blinded (Neptune) and abroad (Jupiter), transiting Mercury (intestinal) those days was also opposing his natal Jupiter in Libra.


sun_mars_ariesA Sun/Mars aspect is not exactly known as the self-cut configuration, but some individuals may be presented a scar in the body somewhere in time. I do have this configuration, and I have 2 scars on my face and I did it myself while a kid, but it was accidental of course, and I hope never to perform a self-surgery lol. I have a friend that was born a day after me, and his conjunction is even more precisely by minutes, and he has a large scar on his thigh that he did it by himself while jumping a thorn fence. The Sun/Mars in Aries combination is an example of heroism and extreme courage, and a scar may be left symbolizing the courage the person must have had in order to get trough the pain, Rovogoz wrote in his diary:

 “I did not sleep at all last night.  It hurts like the devil!  A snow­storm whip­ping through my soul, wail­ing like a hun­dred jack­als.  Still no obvi­ous symp­toms that per­fo­ra­tion is immi­nent, but an oppres­sive feel­ing of fore­bod­ing hangs over me… This is it… I have to think through the only pos­si­ble way out:  to oper­ate on myself… It’s almost impos­si­ble… but I can’t just fold my arms and give up.”  – Lifting The Iron Curtain blog

 If the doctor had the Moon in Aries it is possible for not having the determination and persistence of that day, or perhaps the Sun/Mars in trine to Saturn gave him the focus, but reading his friend’s diary let me thinking of him having a Moon in early Taurus (calm):

 “When Leonid had made the inci­sion and was manip­u­lat­ing hisown innards as he removed the appen­dix, his intes­tine gur­gled,which was highly unpleas­ant for us; it made one want to turnaway, flee, not look — but I kept my head and stayed. He him­self was calm and focused on his work, butsweat was run­ning down his face and he fre­quently asked us to wipe his fore­head … By the end of the surgery he was very pale and obvi­ously tired,but he fin­ished every­thing off.” –  Lifting The Iron Curtain blog

The determination (Taurus) is obvious, an example of persistence of living and doing things by own, using its own resources, in this case, his knowledge saving himself:

I worked with­out gloves. It was hard to see. The mir­ror helps,but it also hin­ders — after all, it’s show­ing thingsback­wards. I work mainly by touch. The bleed­ing is quite heavy,but I take my time — I try to work surely. Open­ing the peri­toneum,I injured the blind gut and had to sew it up. Sud­denly it flashedthrough my mind: there are more injuries here and I didn’tnotice them … I grow weaker and weaker, my head starts tospin. Every 4 – 5 min­utes I rest for 20 – 25 sec­onds. Finally, hereit is, the cursed appendage! With hor­ror I notice the dark stainat its base. That means just a day longer and it would haveburst and …

At the worst moment of remov­ing the appen­dix I flagged: myheart seized up and notice­ably slowed; my hands felt like rub­ber.Well, I thought, it’s going to end badly. And all thatwas left was remov­ing the appen­dix …And then I realized that, basi­cally, I was already saved.” –  Lifting The Iron Curtain blog

Transiting Venus during the event was in sextile (easy energy) to his natal Jupiter, perhaps showing a sign of Luck (Jupiter) trough persistence (Venus). He died at his 66’s in 2000 from lung Cancer.

Taking another chart of a person whom have had peritonitis and did not survive, Joseph Anthony Arguelles:

José Argüelles

José Argüelles

“American esoteric author, specialist in Mayan and New Age prophesies. Arguelles, aka Valum Votan, spent his lifetime studying the math and prophesies of the Mayan Calendar which he presents as a “correct and biologically accurate calendar for the whole planet of a Thirteen Moon 28-Day Calendar,” correlating with the Mayan zodiac. Working with prophetic information received from Tony Shearer in 1970, he distilled his lifelong study of the Mayans to initiate the Harmonic Convergence, 8/16-17/ 1987 for global peace meditations” – astrodatabank

Joseph was also a Neptune in Virgo generation, but didn’t find the luck the doctor Leonid had. At the day of his death, transiting Mars (death) was in exact opposition his Neptune in Virgo (abdomen), and transiting Jupiter was conjunction his natal Saturn, perhaps illustrating a lack (Saturn) of Luck (Jupiter).

Although death is not a matter of Luck, the stars point to us a form and a configuration that mysteriously relating to our own death and survival on earth plane. Death is something that is most surely to happen in our lives.

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