Paris Trip Study – Pluto in Scorpio generation – Aquarius Age – Pluto in Virgo


I have to confess. This was a truly brilliant experience ever abroad! My intuition told me, my solar return told me, astrology told me so. Live in Paris should be a great experience for those who actually live here. Unfortunately, but fortunate for some matters (love, work and family, and of course, my cats) I am living out this county tomorrow night, just a night before my birthday. Cancerian that I am, I get emotionally disturbed to have to say goodbye to all people that I got friend with and the city itself, but life goes on and we are forced to adapt in every situation, no mater if you lack mutable energy in the chart, or as a chameleon as my Sagittarius teacher would say.


Pluto in Virgo professor

I would first start this post talking about this wonderful teacher doctor Teal, she was the first professor to lecture in the first week of my postgraduate program from Iéseg, one of the top management school in France.  Dr. Teal McAteer a canadian, is a business consultant who specializes in the areas of strategic human resource management, motivation, career planning and development, change, stress and time management, and health and wellness. How Scorpio is that? Although doctor MacAteer is a Sagittarius, her Sun is located in the 8th house of other people’s resources. She truly is an inspiring creature, I was asked to write about her for a Brazilians university, and without knowing her actual chart, I wrote her classes were truly inspiring and intense, with a dynamic approach she has a tendency to look over thinks in an optimistic vision, a very description of someone with Sun in Sagittarius located in the 8th house right? The methods as she explains, is to find solutions for the complex dynamics of human personalities. For example, if a person has too many red in her chart (not astrology, pure Busisness tool) it would appear the person is extreme bossy, competitive, argumentative, etc. all things from fire elements, the person would then be a leader with a tendency to be selfish, so it would be advised for that person to create a flow between the red part end the blue part, which is a more humanistic approach to one and to the other, and that goes one extensively. It was pure awakening for me, and I had the chance to explain to her how that compares to astrology and so on. Her job is to change, or to subtle induce people, to create a new approach to her emotional habits and thinking style, in order to change the actions. She works with people who has loosen their jobs, and are at the top of the abysm ready to jump. So you get the rest. Dr. Teal has also Mercury in Scorpio in the 7th house, suggesting a person that really digs into the matter no matter how ugly is the true for the other, and she has to be truthful to her clients, because they are lost in imaginary spaces and lost in subjectivities, she must bring them down to earth and teaches then the lessons that have been learned trough this out of comfort zone complexity. She also has Saturn in Capricorn conjunction her 10th house, so her career is that serious and essential in her life.

Reading her chart it all made sense while connecting the dots with her personality and my first impression seeing her the first time, a person full of gold, high fashioned (Taurus rising by the way), Taurus people are financial seekers helpers, who are attained to the goal of making money, while Scorpio (in the 7th house of the other) is the one who loses all. And her actual moon is conjunction in her 2nd house of money, she really understand how is to lose Millions in one death game as job career as she deals with people who have losen it suddenly. Overall she is all that Scorpio energy. By the end of things, I realize she has Pluto in Virgo, and she consider herself as part of the baby bloomers generation, where it actually was taken its label by the Pluto in Leo generation. My mother is from Pluto in Virgo generation, they really are intense about changing our daily habits. Her Pluto also is conjunction her North node in Virgo, an ideal person that is here in earth to transform the way people deal with their killing habits, it is her mission, to transform parts of society and to dig at the matter, destroy the old in order to lead a new path to a sustainable society (by the way, the course was about sustainability, very Virgo when it comes about recycling the world to a green peace atmosphere). She also is a mutable T-square person, ideas flow to another in a blink. Some words that she always used to say was: be a chameleon, always be ready to adapt to new circumstances (Safitarius and Gemini polarity), change and transform from emotional to the thinking style (Mercury rules our thinking, in Scorpio the big transformer), be a social responsible company and transform it from beneath (Pluto Virgo!).


Pluto in Scorpio

In my program, all of the people were from Pluto in Scorpio execpt 2 Colombians who were the generation ahead (Pluto in Libra) in which were the most social ones, in which had no problem at all about socializing, incredible how astrology can give you amazing outsourced information. So I would likely tell more about the Scorpio generation. Most of them were around their 24’s, in which most have Saturn conjunction Uranus in Capricorn or in late Sagittarius. All of them have shown traits of waiting to change, wanting to lead the world to a better place, every one spoke about transformation, all. It was inspiring to see that, as some people are afraid of this generation leading the world in a near future, there are people who really wants to change it for the better, as doctor Teal also realizes that our generation was born under the influence of protests, a change in the most pattern of bad habits, corruption and so, we are the force to start the transformation as the old Plutos are here to teach us how, the guiding souls for a deep change in the schemes of things. Pluto in Scorpio people are moving on the world, influenced by their ultimate opinions with resonate sense of how to transform from beneath, they are looking for internal forces rather than external, as they know the resources cold be changed if well managed. Pluto in Scorpio are growing up in power, by connecting from people all over the world, for a unconscious performance staining before the real all or nothing takes place in a near future. They look intensively for the matter of things, the superficial doesn’t seems to fulfill the truthfulness the reality deserves. Most of them have matured enough to know the hard consequences the world is facing nearby the next generations to come, mad it is not just a sense of knowledge, but a sense of urgency, meaning that external forces are at play forcing us to look outside the box.

Aquarius Age from Paris perspective

I have another think to process and change in , then confess. I was absurdly shaken by the fact that French people actually don’t feel aversion most the time you speak English. Sometimes they do, but most of the time I did spoke in English they ere very kind and took patience to communicate with me, once I have a moderate French vocabulary. In my course, it was an international one, so expect people from everywhere in the world, there were actually 21 nationalities on both programs. So I made friendship from China, to Croatia, to Russia, to Australiaw, to Mexico and so on untilColombia, a real synergy between countries took place, and when I speak about synergy expects extremes in opinions and contradictions, but once committed to understand other worlds, you become and feel wordly citizen, given space for others to show you their diamonds you get yours too.
One of the staff from the international program said that the school is changing its focus to an international approach more then ever, because people are finding other places to change from another perspective, more than ever people are looking for international resources and people on order to make the world move. It makes me remember those scify movies, where on the ship, there are a lot of beings from all over the universe, all together for the same reason. Aquarius age has come already, it is a transition of the age of Pisces where the mixing of races, the blending and the emerging takes place, where we are adapting ourselves to the other, it is about merging culture intelligence and adapting in order to survive as a whole, so then the Aquarius takes it fully 29th degree and we can actually taste the unity as a powerful force and as driven element to integrate society.

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