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The Odds

It is fascinating the recent discoveries in science, I’m in constant touch with the latest discoveries and use it as a source background for observation having astrology always in mind. I find so silly the fight among astrologers and astronomers, when the origin was always the same, I think it is indeed necessary for all astrologers to at least have a bit of technical information about the universe at large, after all astrology deals with the reality of science and transcendent influence it has. Of course that, you don’t need to go over board (study as a degree), nevertheless it is necessary to know exactly how much further a planet is or what it is exactly made of, this is usually unnecessary to astrologers at modern times because all knowledge is now easier to find, to reach to, as all the planets have been studied for thousands of years, yet new planets have been discovered since; henceforth the astrologers to study the influence on earthly matters rather than why the planet is there and all its chemical content.

I am kind of obsessed with the Hermetic principles lately. I am not Masonic neither has the intent, but the Hermetic philosophy has been really with me since a friend that I made through this website, told me about his new studies and that evoked me such attention, I knew I had to had that knowledge, still encouraged to read more and more. You will see ahead why I am adding this particular principle to the article, I hope you grasp all the information I can pass on. The new urge of the ‘New Age’ manifesto is being raised up upon ancient hermeticism, something that passes by unrecognized by the new practitioners of the new world concept, and for that I am very enthusiastic for going deeper into the subject.

Mercury – Oldest magnetic field in the entire solar system

the latest discovery about magnetic field and why it matters


The recent discovery

Mercury was magnetic four billion years ago
(Source: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington)

“The discovery reported in the journal Science, means Mercury has the oldest confirmed magnetic field of any terrestrial world in the inner solar system. The authors made their discovery by examining data from a series of low altitude orbital passes undertaken by Messenger at heights often less than 50 kilometres above Mercury’s crater-strewn surface. “We’ve measured some very weak fields in rocks that were magnetized in a very ancient field on Mercury, which tells us that Mercury had a magnetic field not just today, but also almost four billion years go,” says the study’s lead author Dr Catherine Johnson of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

“Until this observation all we really knew about the magnetic field’s longevity was that it’s been around since the first time we were able to observe it, which was with the Mariner 10 mission.” “So this tells us that there was a field about four billion years go, and the simplest interpretation of that would be that Mercury has actually had a magnetic field during that whole time.

NASA’s Mariner 10 spacecraft first detected a global magnetic field around Mercury during its flybys of the planet in the mid 1970s.The Messenger spacecraft, which in 2011 became the first probe to orbit Mercury, confirmed the earlier observations and undertook more detailed studies until its mission was completed last month. Mercury’s global magnetic field provided scientists with evidence that the 2,440 kilometer wide planet still retains a partially molten iron core which acts as a geodynamic to produce the magnetic field.” ABC

The pioneering discovery made scientists aware that Mercury has indeed about 4 billions years old of Magnetic field, reaching for the conclusion that Mercury has the oldest Magnetic Field from all the planets in the solar system, even when it is suggested that Mercury and Earth were created at the same period of time. The amazing discovery made me realize that Mercury has a higher meaning in Astrology than what astrologers previously imagined. The news triggered me to reach for deep answers in astrology that may be very connected to another principle of Hermetic Philosophy, which some way is a source of foundation to astrology and its natural principles. The connection that Mercury rules over mind matters, and the hermetic principle that we co-create the universe mentally has now made me realize a new door that opens to a new access to the symbolical world of astrology.

Astrology and Mercury

understanding the symbol and its influence


Mercury Glyph – by Rafael VR

The Mercury’s glyph is the most complete one, its attribution as an esoteric meaning contains the 3 great planes of manifestation thus is labeled as the master of all forms and kind of communication, where its symbol is drawn in away that connects and integrates of all the three great planes; the crescent Moon representing the Soul, the full circle symbolizing the Spirit in between and the cross that fasten both Soul and Spirit in order to truly understand the law of correspondence, and for that all is learned through experiences and its creative expression of being, once in the universe of manifestation. For that Mercury also has followed a prominent status of rather a metamorphic quick spry nature, one that is androgynous and has many roles to play, the planet that morphs into what is placed in front, handling the ability to express itself in various forms.

Mercury rules over human mentality’s disposition, perception or, the mind itself. The expression serves as a great apparatus to reach for perfection, for what one’s wishes inside shall reflect on the outer side. The Soul needs to express once in active state, it needs to get in touch with one’s spirit in order to manifest its desires and all forms from the mental faculty. With Mercury always near the Sun, we learn that the mental (Mercury) plane is co-created by our sense of self (Sun), as for Mercury is always in an eternity dance as a conjunction with the Sun. The Sun in a natal chart represents the self, the ego, the creative creator inside us, the essence you, whereas Mercury serves as a tool for the Sun to brush out the expression from the splendid disposition of the Sun to shine, to be himself, to create his own world. If planets were ‘reasons’ behind the humanity primary elements, then Mercury would be the reason why we perceive things as they are and why we comprehend the world around and the direct reality the individual is at, Mercury would be the reason why I am writing this article and thinking how can I express all of the idea that is in my head to the public in such way that is readable and understandable, and for that lots of mental activity takes place, including the writing itself, another aspect that Mercury rules. An artist can reach high creative draws with one hand, imagine with the mind!

The study of the electromagnetism is immense, and we learn from the basics that a magnetic field always contain 2 poles the south and the north. Magnetic fields are areas where an object exhibits a magnetic influence, that is different of magnetic lines, when putting an object in a magnetic field, it will be affected, and the effect will happen along field lines. In astrology, when we say an individual has a very ‘magnetic’ nature, we are actually saying that a person attracts fierce or repulses extraordinarily.

Actually, if we take the law of attraction, an astrologer would usually directly point to the 2nd house or the 8th, or Venus. But here we are dealing with the mental attraction over Mercurial matters as far as astrology is concerned, where the hermetic Principle of Mentalism, also shares the shame idea or alike. Before we move forward the subject, it is important to say that when the hermetic principle says of mentalism, it goes beyond of what the men behind the science concept of the mind, it is the what is generated trough the vibration of sadness or happiness, anger or peaceful, the obsession, the desire, the wish, the intent all energetic forces that attracts according to their vibration, which by the way, is another hermetic Principle, which I won’t go further here, so as the Principle of Correspondence, in that in astrology would be the attraction and manifestation itself.

Hermetic Principle of Mentalism

why it has to do with the recent discovery; Astrology and Mercury


The self entitled “The Three Initiates” once published the book ‘The Kybalion‘; a study of the hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece, addressing to the alchemy process of transmutation in which embodies the mastering of the Mental forces instead of the material elements. Revealing a web of individual transformational power and ability that are connected to the collective and to the All and vice-versa. The book reveals insights of the Three in which astrology may have found its very foundation early in civilization, following the hermetic axiom “As above, so below; as below so above.” reasoning with the principle of Correspondence, one of the main base or foundation for astrologers that naturally sustain the general view that planets do exerts influence over earthly matters and such.

As an astrologer, I cannot think of the Kybalion without linking it to astrology, I cannot even try to understand the world without astrology in mind, and saying ‘astrology’ I am saying at the same time, all the science that is transcended into form of an art for the intellectual mind (Mercury) to rationalize and make it happen, to understand what ‘seems real’.

In this principle, we learn that the world is an illusion yet it is not. The paradox is found itself pure to be examined when we face the truth of the mentalism principle. What intrigues me in this principle, is the idea that the universe has its own memory, its own will and thoughts, they are therefore displayed into the 3 spheres or great planes of existence, and when compared to living a whole human life, the universe just then blinked once while you were awake into only one moment in this reality. Here, humans are about to discover that things can be changed, that are mutable and never truly cease to exist, the infinite world comes to mind, when the end of one is the beginning of the other.

The principle teaches that we create the universe we live with our own minds, but that we are part of a greater and higher existence thus having the potential ability to reach for full regeneration and transmutation when practiced or act deliberately, using the law against the law and principle against principle, equilibrating and purifying the universe and its great planes of manifestation.

We learn with the book ‘The Kybalion (1908)‘ that the three great planes are actually inverted as far as Mercury’s symbol is concerned, but if taken that literally, once can find the argument that Mercury when retrograde, actually exerts its power under the inverted planes of manifestation. The order of planes is followed by the Kybalion as:

  1. The Great Physical Plane
  2. The Great Mental Plane
  3. The Great Spiritual Plane

Transcending the recent discovery, we can learn that Mercury is indeed the greatest tool from the entire system followed by the Sun to help human co-create the present reality, exerting such magnetic field it would explain why hermetic thinkers and practitioners from ancient and modern times are delving into the first Principle of all the seven Hermetic Principles, where our mental (Mercury) disposition co-creates (Sun) the reality we are living in, as individual and as collective (society). The mind is clear the best tool available for humans at this physical reality to attract and transcend the universe’s unique mind into one integrated.


  • Planetas Retrogrados – Astrologia Cármica-II; by Martin Schulman (AMAZING BOOK BY THE WAY!)
  • The Kybalion (1908)

featured image

  • Source: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington

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