Maryse Bastié – The chart of an Aviator from the 1900’s


Who was Maryse Bastié?

maryse_bastieWe are about to study the chart of  a very courageous women known for battling many intense and hard situations in life, yet found in flying high such happiness that empowered her in many ways. Maryse Bastié  (February 27, 1898 – July 6, 1952) was the first French (and women) aviator to hold numerous records to her name during the 1930’s, she who set 10 international records for distance and duration flights, has an “AA” for the her time birth accordingly to Gauquelin Vol. 1/182 (7:00 PM Paris time) (astrodatabank), therefore we are trusted the rising sign and all the chart’s credentials to be confirmed.

A year before her South Atlantic’s record, in 1935 Bastié visited the Brazilian’s city Natal aforetime the decision to try to break the record of the South Atlantic’s international flight crossing, Maryse Bastié had a briefly staying in Natal – Brazil as highlights the newspaper of that time called the Republic:

“It is in this capital (city of Natal), since the night of Monday, having arrived by the transatlantic hydroplane Santos Dumont, the famous French aviator Maryse Bastié, which owns several female records. Among these records stands the “permanence in the air”, with 30 hours of duration and its distance having made 3000 km with an apparatus fitted with a 40 c.v. engine. Miss Maryse Bastié  was one of the first aviators who jumped in parachute. The aviatrix, whose particularity is flying always alone, comes from France, where returns on Monday aboard the Santos Dumont. ” – The Republic – Christmas 27.12.1935

Before taking the Atlantic’s challenging to get real on the year ahead in 1936 she raised her own institution. As soon as she arrived in France still in 1935, Bastié founded her own flying school at Orly Airport with mechanic Arthur Sanfourche father of Jean-Joseph Sanfourche. Then she went back to Natal to complete her mission. Lets explore more of that.

  • A brave Women!

Maryse had no planets in earth signs. You realize the majority of her natal planets fall in Cadent houses (mutable), this fact alone tells us this wasn’t a person to stay grounded or rooted, this was supposed to be a person full of movement, this is only one part of the detail. The mutable houses offer us the experience of “more experiences” that shall be lived accordingly to the planets falling in there, it indicates us before hand, that a mutable T-square (once all planets were in mutable signs sharing the same division of degrees) was happening at the day this charismatic (Sun/Venus conjunction) aviator was born. Jupiter in the 1st house tells us how brave, independent and courageous this lady would have come to be about, thus Jupiter in Libra is part of the Grand trine in Air signs, sharing the grand time of her life with Neptune/Pluto in Gemini and Mars/Mercury in Aquarius:


The elements and their position already told us the basic principles in her life, now lets join others astrological syllabaries. The Moon in astrology reflects what we can’t consciously stop, the Moon in Gemini sharing the Neptune/Pluto conjunction in the same sign and sharing the same house, which in this case is the 9th house of Jupiter, only did but emotionally triggered her sight to higher places, physically touching the skies. The 9th house is where human’s aim their higher aspirations in life, and this is the natural place of Sagittarius, the most adventurous sign of the Zodiac, therefore all her emotional security lied on being always in some kind of an adventure, which in her case she literally took it to extremes (Pluto)! Pluto while trine Mars in Aquarius favored her thrill for facing death in the air (also the adrenaline she should have had always felt according to her diary), not to mention that Aquarius among with Uranus are the ruler of planes and jets, or anything that can literally fly in the air. Pluto was discovered around those years of her successful records. Moon square Sun in her chart also reveals a person that wouldn’t easily rest and needed plenty of self-defiance activities to stay put.

Interesting Facts I: Is its a fact that many people with mutable signs at the cusps of the angles (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses) are likely to marry twice, and the cause of it could be many, add Jupiter there and  sometimes you have more than two marriages. The aviator’s first marriage was a failure but brought a son into her life. However, the second marriage to a First World War pilot named Louis Bastié provoked her a fascination with flight and she rapidely became a tenacious student of the art  and science of flying. You see, the 9th house is where our fascination for sometimes lies upon and planets there indicates how you should experience that, very different from the 8th house where we experience our obsessions. The 7th house is where we experience the meaningful other, and the cusp of the Bastié’s 7th house shows Pisces settling down to the west, therefore Neptune and Jupiter are the ruler of her natal 7th house. Neptune is there in the 9th house, and Jupiter is there in the 1st house, suggesting some time of her life, a significant other would have showed Bastié something that she would later be fascinated by it, this was intensifies by Pluto and Moon conjunction turning it from fascination (Jupiter) to obsession (Pluto), add also the fact Neptune/Pluto was conjunction the 10th house of status and business, from that moment she decided to fly high and only, she built an empire and a solid pilgrimage that resulted in a successful career.

Interesting Facts II: The Sun in astrology represents the father. Maryse’s father died when she was eleven having to work in a shoe factory at a very young age, becoming a good dressmaker couturier in leather; in her natal chart, we realize Venus is seemed to be in combust with the Sun in Pisces which weakens and restricts the power of the planet in combustion that is hidden from sight by the light of the powerful Sun. Although in personality, the combination of the Sun and Venus favors a charismatic person full of love and smiles all over the face, but the events precedent to the combination may bring to the native some hard kind of scenarios to cope with, and unfortunately as child, Bastié had to deal with the death of her father. Venus is also known for its stubborn personality, it is said Maryse was a turbulent and stubborn kind of girl.


sagittariusjohannisheveliusMaryse Bastié served in the French Air Force, rising to the rank of Captain while logging more than 3.000 hours flying time. Sagittarius is the sign of long-travels and distances while the 9th house is where such travels happen, Maryze had natal Saturn conjunction Uranus in Sagittarius opposing the Neptune/Pluto/Moon in Gemini, the sign of short travels and communication. Saturn masters us, teaches us how to achieve our best with much resistance and discipline, she later became a role model for female aviators on the planet from her generation, the planet shows where we can master ourselves and become with time an authority on the issue. A year after her visit to the city of Natal, the french aviatrix Maryze lands in Natal coming from Dakar where she made the South Atlantic crossing in 12 hours and 7 minutes [observe the degrees of her natal Venus in exaltation: 12°08″ minutes], actually surpassing the record of Joan Batten (13/11/1935), receiving the insignia of Officer of the Legion of Honor of France. The Republic journal continued with her journey on the newspaper in 1936:


“As we have informed, it had arrived yesterday to the city of Natal, the famous French aviator Maryse Bastié, which has just completed, with great success, an air raid between Paris-Dakar-Natal. In the last step of her risky flight, Dakar-Natal, Miss Maryse Bastié established an impressive record making the Atlantic crossing in 12 hours and 7 minutes. The French aviator piloted a Caudron Simoun-plane, belonging to the Ministry of Air France. This device is equipped with a single engine Renault 220 CV, having no radio, which has patented the courage and the cold of the famous aviatrix blood. The departure of Maryse Bastié, Dakar, it was to 4h23min (Brazilian time), having reached the Parnamirim field precisely to 16h30mim. This is the second time that Natal’s hosts the fearless French aviator, holding several female records, including loom large to stay in the air in 30 hours of duration, and as marked yesterday, in crossing the Atlantic. The photographer João Alves took several snapshots of the arrival of Miss Maryse Bastié to Parnamirim field. [1]” – The Republic – Natal 31.12.1936

Can you image the amount of courage one should have had to cross the Atlantic without radio for previous communication? I bet many man would never imagine even trying flying alone, imagine without any form of communication. The morning Maryse left Dakar at 4h23min the Moon was still transiting her natal 10th house, the highest point in any people’s chart, during the whole flight she should have had seen the Full Moon in the skies once it was opposite the Sun a few hours before she took off the land, indicating a super public visibility was taken place that day for Bastié. Transiting Pluto was for a long time touching her South Node in Cancer and opposing North Node in Capricorn. The nodes in astrology are points of liberation and is where we feel our “mission” on Earth are found, yet the South Node can reveal experiences and sets of believes one shall leave behind or simple integrate with the new expected path totally opposite the path one was once found at, and Pluto transiting the nodes activates some kind of karmatic experience, a mission that shall be placed into motion and worked it all out, and how Jeff Green in his book of Pluto VL.1 (1986) said, when the planet touches the nodes, it seems we “are ready” to receive the mission. But since Pluto is the slowest planet in the solar system, it would take about 3 years for the mission to be accomplished, therefore we shall analyze others factors that have had activated the pattern that was formed by outer planets. The natal 1st house of any native indicates how one will make use of the body to succeed in the actions towards the lunar nodes, thus, looking for the planet ruler of the chart and the transiting of the planet is a key to timeline/spot when the action shall occur at the most physical level. In this case, we see Virgo rising then Mercury is the planet ruler of Bastié’s astrological chart, at that day, transiting Mercury was conjunction her natal North Node (future) in Capricorn, while transiting Venus was conjunction her natal Mercury in Aquarius. Conjunctions are simultaneously the best/worst case scenario. A great number of schools, theaters, avenues and streets bear Bastié’s name nowadays. Wikipedia writes:

“The “Lycée professionnel régional Maryse Bastié” in Hayange-Marspich, the “Lycée Maryse Bastié” in Limoges, and the “College Maryse Bastié” in Reims are named in her memory. The Real Estate Services division of aircraft maker Bombardier Inc. named a street in her honor in Saint-Laurent, Quebec as did the French cities of Anglet, Bron, Haguenau and Lyon. In 1955, the Government of France honored Maryse Bastié with her image on an airmail postage stamp. There is a memorial to Maryse Bastile in the west of Paris in a small park of the Boulevard du Garigliano M. Valin not far from the Seine.” – Wikipedia



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