Libra Equinox 2016

Libra Equinox 2016

Understand how the Libra Equinox will affect nations worldwide.

A new cardinal season has come to us dividing the sky in a half, now natives of Earth will witness what has been called the equinox, when the Sun ingresses into either Aries or Libra, where day and night are now of roughly equal in duration over earth’s equator, initiating a fresh pivotal beginning in tropical astrology. 


The importance of astrological charts that mark the beginning of a new cardinal seasons is millennial. Although many astrologers argue if Libra season is strong enough to hold its influence for over the length of 3 entire months, we cannot deny the fact this is a cardinal season whatsoever, and cardinal signs are signs of initiation and action, thus giving a paramount quality to time/timing and astrology once denoting it as a symbolical turning point in the Zodiac wheel. As for a country, a mutable sign rising in its chart can last a whole 6 moths no matter the cardinal season. The Libra cardinal season is followed by the season of Scorpio and Sagittarius, invoking the idea of the human’s need of projection (to know oneself better through the other), sharing one’s best assets and expansion of social circles, all in order for us to learn that we are much more other-oriented and open to others when socializing, trusting and intellectually growing with them.

The Solar seasons are exceptional references in the Solar year, they suggest mainly turning points over the year and are best used for the mundane. Equinox stands for “equal night”. Interesting, the Sun is at fall when in Libra, and all people from the northern hemisphere will have the beginning of the fall season. While the Sun is exalted in the opposite sign, Aries, the other cardinal point at the cardinal cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Observing closer the Libra’ glyph, it reminds us of the Sun setting down under a straight demographic line. By this fact alone, astrologers predict a cardinal season focused on others and balancing out our personal lives accordingly, meaning people on Earth are likely to initiate the new following 3 months cycle giving special attention to one-to-one relationships and much more focus on the social life, we are now to become aware who we are at social’s standards after the Sun traveled all the first 6 personal signs. Are you ready now to travel with the Sun in the 6 opposite signs? This is no longer a personal battle, but the beginning of a social one. When the Sun enters Capricorn in 3 months from now, marking the last cardinal solstice, our focus then is changed for the collective.


When the Sun ingresses into Libra, the Moon will be at second decanate Gemini, opposing Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, overshadowing all the Libra’s energy. However, Jupiter is there with the Sun as a conjunction. Lets explore more of that.

The most outstanding fact about the Sun in this chart is obviously the conjunction to Jupiter in Libra, the planet of luck, fanaticism and enlargement. When the Sun aligns in perfection with Jupiter in the sign of love, relationships and alliances in a Equinox chart, we can expect leaders of world nations to make contact of great benefic nature, peaceful agreements, exaggerated forms to show power through another country or nation, urge to form diplomatic accords with other nations,  exaggerated forms of power to show how much a leader can be the good guy, etc. Many authorities are going to experience expansion of their power over a nation and other people’s nations as well. Big announcements are expected from important people of the world that shares a collective mind, that is also particularly because Mercury at his rulership is conjunction NN in Virgo and sextile Uranus in Aries, news related to health, perfection of human being, cloning, etc. The perfect trine to Pluto in Capricorn which is still retrograde, may also have to do with the perfect ‘cure’ of a disease.

The downfall of Sun conjunct Jupiter is religious fanaticism and dictatorship of the judicial world.

Another awesome feature in this chart is that Venus ruler of the sign it is transiting at, Libra, and even it won’t form an aspect to the Sun and Jupiter, the fact the three planets are found in Libra, gives the 3 months ahead a very season for forming partnerships or simple expanding one’s social circle. People will have favorites and fanatics more than usual. However, the opposition to Uranus and Eris in Aries is fierce, meaning relationships may confront challenges and abrupt ending or exciting new beginnings. Venus sharing the same space of the Sun and Jupiter indicated artists will have a great part (influence) in this season, perhaps even more than authorities of nations themselves.

The Uranus Retrograde/Eris Retrograde conjunction in Aries while opposite Venus in Libra is what worries me. Eris is now at 23° Aries 15′ and is retrograde. By the end of the year, Uranus/Eris conjunction will receive a help. Mars ruler of Aries, ingresses into Aquarius on December 10th 2016 (a few days before the Sun’s solstice in Capricorn) forming a mutual reception among Mars and Uranus the modern rule of Aquarius. By January 15th/16th Mars in Aquarius will sextile Uranus in Aries at 20° degrees, bringing forward events related to Mars and Uranus by reciprocity while Eris may bring discord amidst or a raging anger once Eris is sister of bloodthirsty Ares in the myth. Mars in Aquarius says the minority may cause a stir in society and people will hear about them by these times just cited.

The Moon in Gemini in the chart represents the common people, and it opposes Mars in Sagittarius. Mars rules the military. This is bad news for equinox ingresses, but I really hope the Sun/Jupiter in Libra can overcome that once the conjunction is tighter than the opposition of the Moon and Mars.

This season will be about expanding relationships, balancing out our social life versus personal life or personal view, this time is about knowing thyself better through others, watch in them a movie and you are the protagonist of their movies. This is not about a movie about the self-only now, but the self merged with another. And Jupiter there as a conjunction, this will sound truer than ever, in a sense that with Jupiter out there touching the Sun things will sound much more alive, double significance or simple, a significance growth.



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