How really inexact are Sun signs horoscopes?

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In this post, I intend to highlight the importance of professional astrologers to educate society of how astrology should be genuinely applied – by its universal statement that everybody is unique, as the Sun in astrology by itself reports to us.

Some friends of mine come to me and say it: “Rafa, I am feeling so great indeed, my horoscope today said I would be feeling tremendously awesome and need to go out with friends tonight!”.


Pointless Universe

Seriously, I don’t know how many times I had to explain they don’t have to trust Sun sign horoscopes columns ever, they are too limited and only serve but as a clever entertainment, they are never right unless one has the Sun in the 1st house, etc. But know I say it: “cool, go for it boy! Have fun!”.

Unfortunately, Sun signs horoscopes are surely pointless and doubtless if an individual wants to seriously follow the temptations of skies. I am deeply sorry if offended any faithful or passing reader who does Sun sign columns or enjoy reading them. Before you dislike the page if offended or never come back, firstly let me explain you why I think so. Yes, there is the classical interpretation that Sun sign horoscopes are not based on the individual only, but as a general prediction for the signs of the zodiac. But astrologers know that in a native’s chart, the Sun in Cancer for example could be in any astrological house, therefore, any prediction of the Sun sign in columns, are horrible misleading and I’ll explore more of that in this post.

Sun sign horoscopes delude the nation instead of educating the right patterns and the veracity of astrology, and this for me is not astrology but only an attempt to entertain the population, and this makes me sad and ambiguous about known astrologers who utilize of this method to call public’s attention when they know it provides no accuracy and a legitimate prediction. Keeping up this trend, makes me feel that astrology will still be considered rubbish by many studious mind, and this is not a merely a personal view but a fact I see it since I first started studying the zodiac and astrology. It feels like professional astrologers are saying to the population when doing horoscopes only based on the Sun sign: “Hey, do want to hear something cool about astrology?” kind of statement, not that this is seriously wrong, but it does impact the popular status of the occultism’s knowladge. Even in horary astrology, astrologers know that the Moon governs the ‘people’ not the Sun. In natal chart’s we astrologers interpret the Sun as an individualized force rather than a ‘public’ identity, hence the importance of New and Full Moons reports in which are evidently, mostly accurate and appropriate to publically forecast for the mass than the Sun sign based horoscopes, and still, for a profound reading one shall reach an astrologers for a real authentic report whenever they wish to a specified situation, the professional then points to specific locations in the astrological map, delineating aspects to personal and outer planets among others essential observations before moving forward to integrate  the whole into one kind of  a factual prediction. For that matter, I also prefer the Moon as a celestial tool to detect monthly essential triggers as it provides a careful attention to details such as degrees, planetary dynamics intrinsic to natal charts and the professional can expand the subject into a more objective approach to the collective.


… but People enjoy it!


“Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value.” – Philip Kotler

Yes they like it! It feels good to freely read something about you that will extraordinarily happen during that special day you was looking for in that week based on your Sun sign. For 4 straight years I’ve studied Business-Marketing having bachelor in the area, and studying such wonderful art, we come to realize that people always function with a motivation, and targeting that strategically and artistically, one can explore and dictate humankind life’s direction in terms of consumerism and desire, and although it can be controlled, I believe humans will always be inclined to be creatures of consumption, no matter religion, cultural background, political view or any kind of belief system, humans are slaves of desire and consumption. From meeting our basic needs, a person needs to consume in order to survive, this fact alone is intrinsic to begin to identify individually the further desire to consume other things or possess. While living in a developing society in which final products are each day enlarging their fabrications, its actually reflecting the increasing demands of the general Earth’s population. Natural marketers know this process unconsciously, while others have to study in order to be conscious of it, putting in ‘words’ seem more secure to be logically explained. One of the main purpose of marketing if seem as object of study and tool of instigation (desire), is to persuade a person to believe he/she needs that special product, no matter how mundane that object of attention is. For that, such ‘object‘ of desire doesn’t necessary need to be in material form, in this case of Astrology as a serving service, one can utilize it to instigate wishes and desires that doesn’t necessary exist in a technical perspective, thus not being a trustful astrological technique to use to the general public. Using marketing, one can instigate desires in a person never in which have never thought it could have had, the excellency of marketing studies lies on the fact it can change public’s needs, and that is exactly what happens to Sun sign horoscopes, they are written to instigate desires based but on illogical method of predicting that fortunately seems to work out perfectly as an entertaining craft, but unfortunately, as a professional minded the case in question, that in result is objectively misleading.

professional-in-the-workplaceIt is practical to look out for a free handed horoscope based on the Sun sign, despite the acknowledgement of astrologers of its useless means, it provides fun, laughter and a sense that astrology is easily done and mastered. However, the problem lies when one stars living out that dishonest weekly horoscope, believing that this is the ultimate truth of the universe telling them the major predictions of the week when in reality, astrologers are just having fun writing it. Is bothers me at some level, it looks like professionals who are to do only this are deceiving the public with words that look like the cosmos is asking all planet Earth to cook the same food at the same hour of the day and force it directly to the mouth, when everyone has a different taste for everything in particular and eats at different times during the whole day. Myself was already a victim of ignorance, I remember how reading this kind of horoscopes made me feel empowering but next time – deceiving. Everybody is unique in any astrological configuration; no matter if one is soul twin (born at the same time and hour but in different locations) or blood twins, the transiting Sun and others planetary motion will always be applied differently to each individual and astrological natal chart.

In current situation, you will also see people whom never identify with their Sun sign, and when consulting an astrologer, the person discovers the zodiac sign ascending and they get to be surprised by such accuracy only looking by the 1st house of personality; symbolizing the casual approach to astrology, this particular point in the chart marks the Ascendant, the rising in power the most powerful and influential house in the astrological wheel.


The Houses of the Sun – Where things really happen

Sun sign horoscopes are written as if the Sun in a native’s chart is always in the 1st house of self-image, or they ask you to read it as if it was your rising sign (Asc). It is worth to remember that the astrological wheels of houses are distinct from the Zodiac houses; the zodiac wheel is than established on the apparent annual movement of the Sun along the ecliptic. EclipticOnSphere

The topic is relevant since the fabrication of the houses of the astrological wheel, and needs to be remembered over time, especially these days where astrology is increasing in its popularity. When it comes to personal experiences which is this particular case in question, I prefer to see the houses as fields of experiences than houses as process; when investigating a chart in its vivid expression with the native ascending in life, seen houses as where all the astrological configuration and where experiences are projected onto, provide us with an objective disclosure, approaching houses with a focus attention to each as opposite to seeing houses as a whole sphere, it becomes crystal clear where a ‘theme’ of any experience in life changes explicitly rather than emerging one experience after another, but that will also depends on what astrology is been used for, the techniques, background approach, what the client needs answer to, etc. although each 5° degrees before or after the cusp of each house is agreed to exerts certain influence on the other, each house is a unique field of experience, whereas what everything happens in there, stays in there, although the subject can actually ‘move on’ to another house, as an example, the affairs and romance from the 5th house can soon be flourished to a marriage where it is experienced in the 7th house of partnership. Such perspective will also depends on the astrologer background studying and map routing; astrologer and statistical researcher Gauquelin for instance noticed the importance of using only one orb to the house cusps, and for me that means utilizing houses as fields of experiences are the only one way to put the best of the tool whenever considering predictions for an individual in particular, and Gauquelin scholastic papers on the subject can potentially explain it with most objectivity as possible.

This fact alone, coincides with the fact of how the methods of houses in astrology are calculated based on Earth’s 24-hour rotation encompassing its own axis, therefore each 4 minutes, the cusp of a house moves about to 1 degree; thereupon the Sun ‘stays’ in a house for over 2 hours only, and in the 1st house the Sun is always rising in the morning (unless born in the extreme poles) conjunct the 1st house and already entering the 12th house, and of course, during those few hours of the day only a few will be born with the Sun in the 1st house; in contrast, when a person born during the twilight, or when the Sun is settling down in the westernmost horizon (which is my case), the Sun will always be conjunct the cusp of the 7th house of the nativity, which means the Sun will be opposite the 1st house, influencing a total opposite sphere of life where a set of completely different things are experienced by the individual.  

At this moment (2016), there are about 7.2 billion of people living on planet Earth. According to the UNICEF an average of 353,000 babies are born globally each day Earth spins on its axis during the 24 hours. For someone to be born with the Sun in the 1st house, it would take about two hours for this specific group to be born during that only day, only about 30.600 individuals would have this configuration a day if following the statistics.

What about other planetary transits and horoscopes?

If the Sun is not the correct way to fundamentally create professional monthly horoscopes, what is then?

Unfortunately, in my own personal view, the better knowing one’s own chart the better the chances for an amateur to feel fulfilled with rightful predictions; otherwise a professional astrologer of choice should be advised, it really depends on the ‘subject’ the individual wants to direct towards to. There are those who would speak about knowing only the basics should do the job, and that is true, at some point of course.  There isn’t the best technical solution but there are other forms to analyze the celestial body’s movement much better than writing horoscopes based on the Sun sign, or as if someone had the sign ascending or the Sun in the 1st house of rising sign. As previously discussed in the post, analyzing New and Full Moons reports are an interesting way to start an original life style based on a solid sophisticated technique, each period triggers turning points of some kind in its own beat, not to mention the Sun is always involved in the forecasting. Another kind of horoscopes prediction that one should be interested at is the monthly transits of all the celestial spheres without exception (of course, depending on the astrologer’s style), and the Sun with the Moon are the two planets that most interact with others spheres in during a whole month in the Gregorian calendar. Remembering also, the deeper one wants to go into a genuine prediction of some kind, is better knowing one’s own chart to autonomously interpret for oneself,  for the chances of judging the sky are made with authenticity and sobriety. Charts of equinoxes and solstices also need to take in great consideration for the country one is leaving at, which impacts directly the masses, including the native.

Post yet to be an extended Article.

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