Separating Religion of Neptune (12th house) from Politics of Jupiter (9th house)

The Astrology of a Secular Nation (the mutable houses)

“Persecution is not an original feature in any religion; but it is always the strongly marked feature of all religions established by law.”

Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason


Ganymede, Zeus’ lover/cupbearer
Ganymede, Zeus’ lover/cupbearer

Why Religion (Neptune) and Politics (Jupiter) should NEVER EVER blend. A Secular Nation free of Religious Imposition as a social improvement standard in astrology

They are perhaps, the same level of understanding, but one is totally subjective and the other objective. One’s decision could be blurred by such craved and fixed religiousness thinking. It is easy to mistake them. Jupiter and Neptune have a lot in common, both are ruler of Pisces, but the first is ancient. The 12th house ruled by Neptune and the 9th house ruled by Jupiter symbolizes IDEALS. But with Jupiter, the ideal is rather HIGHER and objective. With Neptune ideals are subjective and always based on a blind faith, something rather not tangible and never objectively proven.

“If you do not want to stop the wheels of progress; if you do not want to go back to the Dark Ages; if you do not want to live again under tyranny, then you must guard your liberty, and you must not let the church get control of your government. If you do, you will lose the greatest legacy ever bequeathed to the human race—intellectual freedom.

Now let me tell you another thing. If all the energy and wealth wasted upon religion—in all of its varied forms—had been spent to understand life and its problems, we would today be living under conditions that would seem almost like Utopia. Most of our social and domestic problems would have been solved, and equally as important, our understanding and relations with the other people of the world would have, by now, brought about universal peace.

Man would have a better understanding of his motives and actions, and would have learned to curb his primitive instincts for revenge and retaliation. He would, by now, know that wars of hate, aggression, and aggrandizement are only productive of more hate and more human suffering.

The enlightened and completely emancipated man from the fears of a God and the dogma of hate and revenge would make him a brother to his fellow man.

He would devote his energies to discoveries and inventions, which theology previously condemned as a defiance of God, but which have proved so beneficial to him. He would no longer be a slave to a God and live in cringing fear!” ― Joseph Lewis, An Atheist Manifesto is here to demonstrate different religious backgrounds. The truth is now wider, human consciousness has evolved to a new phase of understanding. The word and its meaning GOD has improved, people have literally taken the word sometimes to their lower (3rd house) level of rationalizing, which complicates things. Jupiter’s Nature (9th house) is unlimited. It needs high expression, we look the 9th house for politics because it is there where we want to go further, explore the fields and break them, go beyond the limits, experience a new law, a new enforcement, a new study, a new scientific search, a new politic is emerged into society, Jupiter is there pointing where to go. But it is intolerable, when one law is enforced, for authority the breaking one is the criminal, it becomes intolerable. When one’s ability to think outside the box is limited (or a close minded person), our decisions are based on instincts and pure emotions, which aren’t the best way to humanize society to move forward to the Aquarius Age. Here we target at a specific cosmos area, and there we follow enthusiastically and intolerable for those who won’t follow the same, because Jupiter imposes order as the other fires sign does, but are usually abstract as a result of  blindness to forms. Neptune’s Nature (12th house) likes to play fairytales, love the unconditional love above all, it approves blinded because everything is beautiful and earth is made of golden wood. Neptune transcends, Alice in wonderland plays wonderful in here. Neptune (Pisces) wants to be the SAVIOR, the one with the spiritual answer. The planet also is shown in charts of passionate, inspiring artists and people with supernatural ability. They are the ones learning telepathy, inspiring religious thoughts and ideas, acute and strong spiritual senses, know how to read a soul just looking, see auras, have fantasies than confuses with reality which are great for writes, artists and people who need to escape reality in order to live with another truth. These creatures love to walk on labyrinths with blackthorn at night when the Moon is full and read Shakespeare at the cliff, just after making a poem above the sea, realizing that you just woke up from a beautiful dream. Yes, they love to inspire people who way. They look above from answers. A Neptune person seeks to convert others to their saint inside.

“Every new & successful example therefore of a perfect separation between ecclesiastical and civil matters, is of importance. And I have no doubt that every new example, will succeed, as every past one has done, in shewing that religion & Govt. will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together. [Letter to Edward Livingston, 10 July 1822 – Writings 9:100–103]” ― James Madison (JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE NATALLY), Writings


Both have ideals. Yet, Jupiter is higher; the 9th house is cosmically ruled by the element of fire (Sagittarius). Neptune ideal resides in fantasy, in the beautiful but tragic world, the sacrifice of one’s truth must be made. Can you pick ever single and exactly religions that there are in the world? It is ridiculous to even ask, but astrology seeks this pursuit in order to understand better the expressions of such strong generational planets on earth and beyond.


The Mix – The Gregorian Calendar and the influence of Beliefs

Politics and religion are always strong themes to discuss generally with everyone. Naturally, the 9th house makes a SQUARE to the 12th house. This is TENSE! Calendars are a starting point to our daily lives, without knowing what day and where we are according to an implemented system we are lost in time literally. This is where the mixing example lies. You can mix one thing, but make it a rule to the entire nation is contrary and hypocrite. The most civil used GREGORIAN CALENDAR was first introduced by a pope in 1582, and this was a modern refinement to the Julian calendar. I would never disagree that this calendar is indeed efficient nor is enormous adaptable to our reality. The calendar was primary used by Catholics around Europe, and as Wikipedia says for the sake of convenience in international trade” at those separating times and nations were found the necessity to follow its culture or would get drastically behind I would point. This is great, because the Gregorian calendar was solar based. Yet, traditional days according to the bible still penetrates the unconscious of generations and generations, and people who aren’t to fit into that belief system, will do it only by society hard eyes over their beliefs. Then there is Astrology. An art and science at the same time, sharing the same entry with astronomy, scientific based but intuitively described. Astrology has its own calendar too. Imagining me very enthusiastic by the end of March, holding some champagne and weed to some catholic friends: “hey lets celebrate the ‘New Year’ in astrology (when the Sun enters hot area Aries) and dance naked around a fire to potentialize the fire element in our charts!”. Some will laugh as already have, others will find pretty intriguing or even curious because they feel motivated and passionate about the idea of a creative life change. Now we can see the limits of the SQUARE between the 9th house (politic) and the 12th house (religion) form to the table for the heavens.

The bible (Pisces Age) and politics – Political and Civil Crimes under God’s Name


Running a nation with an old book full of ancient resources is asking to go back to a retrograde thinking style, isn’t it? Not that the old is no good or the bible itself, and I can see why people take it very seriously and I respect that, as long as the respect is also mutual to my own beliefs. Let me expand the subject on the next topic crime and faith. Imagine for a moment a world ruled by a WICCAN COVEN, where all the political rules were based on the Wiccan old books, not the new material around. I would love to see a WICCAN doing their work at the chamber of a presidency in a country. Wicca is considered a Neopaganism religion and sometimes known as the ancient religion in the world. From continents away from its origins is sometimes seen as the devil work religion, such an equivocated idea. I mean, I WOULD LOOOOOVE doing all the 8 Sabbaths (correct me if wrong) each year, instead of: “valentine’s day, Christmas day, Easter day, mother’s day, father’s day, brother’s day, everything day…”. NOT TO OFFEND HERE. Just a matter of how I would love to live a perfect life, but this would be totally utopic and selfish of me, like with any society imposed with a particular religious belief. Then, I have a PERSONAL LIFE TO DO THAT. I have a SOCIAL life to that. I have GROUPS OF FRIENDS that could have the same or alike beliefs. An entire nation ruled by it is an imposition and an offense for those of others religions. The idea is ultimately UTOPIC: If there was the possibility to experience all kind of planets LITERALLY (lets suppose planets like earth are kind of ‘spaceship’), and each planet would forced upon their nations a religion of what they affirm their god is, and based on it all their entire politic and laws would only benefit the people with the same ‘god’. Detail: in this supposition, you can actually CHOOSE WHERE TO LIVE. Then, you have me… In my own backyard. I won’t ever IMPOSE my religious (12th house) thinking to the other as a government mandatory. I won’t make it a LAW (Jupiter), putting everyone to do a ritual (Neptune) that only means to me because of what I BELIEVE (9th house). And believe me how much I would love people to get in the same rhythm as I do with earth, but imposing such extreme liking is due to a serious lack of expression in the personal life. Just don’t mix them together, and then you will have them as a CRYSTAL in your shelf. Below a great text of a Brazilian geneticist named Eli Vieira, he was asked if the Bible should be criminalized in near future:

“One person asked if the Bible will be “criminalized”.

21The Bible is inappropriate for minors and should be read with due escort theology. For, if taken literally, encourages slavery, female submission, homophobia, death penalty with torture, separation of families for ideological reasons, smashing babies’ enemy peoples, and authoritarianism. All these things are incompatible with the values ​​of a secular democracy. Biblical literalism was used in the past to defend racial segregation and all sorts of inhumanities.

The context of the question was LGBT rights. The question is actually rhetorical and comes loaded with unnecessary polarization between recognizing these rights and believe in Christianity, an unrealistic bias, since there is inclusive churches to perform homosexual marriages. Are churches with people who live a Christianity without homophobia and not think they follow the Bible is incompatible with LGBT rights: this is your theology of inclusion of all forms of love.

The Bible can also be used to defend human rights, for those who want to use it as well. Brings an anti-lynching message compassion, morality and reciprocity. Brings it all together because it is the legacy of an ancient people who housed all these contradictions, much as the current crop.

Is the message of Socrates’ dialogue with Euthyphro: We cannot say what is right or wrong according to what God (s) think (m). What is morally right or wrong is recognizable as such to both mortal and God (s), and thus is independent of the (in) existence. Ethics is accessible to any thinking person regardless of having a faith or believe that the Bible is a special book. In the end, we, with our capacity, we derive moral conclusions from the sources we have available.” – the text was authorized by the author himself to translate and publish here at the blog. All rights reserved.

Religion if properly used and practiced won’t harm any kind of species, and will give you answers and comfort beyond imagination. Religion must exist and will ever do as we learn to live in society. The problem arises when an individual full of potential and determination, starts using religion to interfere with human affairs and its discerning ability is faded. A law made by blind faith (MY version of God may differ from YOURS) is an enormous receipt for disaster; hence the spiritual world cannot be seen by the intellectualized 9th house (beliefs, politics, and the truest of the truest). Like any extremism in life, religious fanaticism is the main starting point to commit crimes under religious intense upbeat. We get blindfolded and fooled by our own innocence. We can go to extremes and believe that what we do is for a higher cause that we cannot actually see, people here tend to kill because their GOD is their ONLY GOD, our capacity to discriminate ends up fading away into the dark, our discerning ability proves to be limited. However, under Neptune spell we believe in heavens, we believe there is something behind the walls of the material world, an extreme sense that a higher power is in control.


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