The Sun in Astrology


Astronomical Sun is one of the primary motives humans and animals are alive on Earth at this exactly moment, the Sun provides life, food energy, Vitamin D, happiness, light, warmth and precipitation. The Sun is the present, the now and the future you, only the Moon will know who you were.

The Sun in astrology is the mainly object of attention by western astrologers. It is considered a planet in the studying of astrology and it has the most personal symbolism of power and individualism in a native’s chart. The planet is traditionally called ‘The Lord of the Day’, quickly corresponding to the most illustrious and enlightening part in a natal chart. The Sun also relates to our personal power, our strength to live every minute and the level of fortitude before making choices for the future.

THE-SUN-DESCRIPTION-I.pngWhen people say “people never change!” they are actually talking about the most obvious part of someone’s self and only, that is, their astrological Sun sign. As the Sun is the celestial body that calls much attention to itself in the solar system, is no surprise its symbolism represents our very essence in a chart, indicating exactly who we are and who we will always be no matter the progression of the Sun, the person is marked from birth like the fire burns and leaves an eternal scar. Where the Sun occupies in a chart, is where life is calling attention after, that symbol is yelling for first observation and consideration before everything else.

The Sun shows the native’s consciousness, how it works, reasons and where it will be applied (the house). In the psychological sense, it represents our ego, and what makes us proud will indicate the power of the Sun in a natal chart, our nobility before others, our pride of being who we actually are, despite the ascendant (1st house) gives another kind of information. But both the Sun and the Ascendant is about the image of the individual, but the planet exerts a powerful advantage, which is always being truth to oneself while the rising sign indicates our temporary mask that somehow will fall by a long-presence in whatever situation. The image the Sun urges is of authenticity, it despises falseness and what it not genuine, therefore it seeks for originality.

This is the planet of self-identification. The astrological Sun contributes to our integrity and our character. In this linear thinking, it is arguable why some people dislike their Sun signs, preferring to be another one that doesn’t lack fire or spontaneity when one thinks the natal Sun sign makes them suffer and others excuses. I was that person, I would hate being a triple Cancer. Then I learned the beauty of the sign, and the fact I can’t change signs by my own, made it a tremendous fight between my thinking and the self, finding a resolution which is to accept rather than deny it. It is human’s nature wanting to identify oneself to other things in life, thus one will end up by wanting to be recognized by such identification. “Who are you? Do you really know who you are?” – The Sun asks you.


The burning Sun is the only planet in astrology that contains all colors in it, yet it is a common misconception people agree the fact the Sun only emits the colors yellow, white and orange. But the truth is that the Sun is essentially all colors mixed together which can be witnessed by the rainbows reflected on Earth in separated colors. Each color in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) has a different wavelength. Red is the longest, blue the shortest. That is a conception of clarity when associated with the individual’s need struggle to become a distilled self, that is, the purest self one can be, and for some people to mix all the colors of the rainbow in oneself, it turns to be an intense battle.

The conditions of the Sun in a chart shows how one can be true to oneself. Too many planets opposing it the native will think what others think of their self-image before acting forward, specially if the Sun falls in the 7th house of Libra or 10th house of Capricorn. Saturn with the Sun can inhibit the character as well as making them appear greater authorities and influence in adult life. Jupiter in conjunction to the Sun enlarges the ego and exaggerates the self in many forms, a native can feel larger than life itself. Venus with the Sun ensures popularity to the native, but that is particular in the sphere of attraction and love, one will usually be received by others with joy and pleasure. The Moon in contact with the Sun is someone closely clear to know what one is in the unconscious as well, how one emotionally and irrationally reacts to situations is instinctively known. Mars with the Sun boosts the native with super-confidence, a straight-up attitude towards life and a fearless approach to any situation. When outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) joins the shiny luminary, natives are to realize their character can be a model for their generation. A native with a unaspected Sun (no aspects to any planet) walks in life thinking one lacks purpose, proud, sense of identify and self-illumination.

It wasn’t too late when astrologers associated the Sun with human’s vitality and the consciousness’ health. In medical astrology the planet is the symbolical representation of a human’s heart and its beats. Hence, the zodiac sign the planet is rulership, that is Leo, a sign determined to use self-expression in the most creative way, the Leo’s native are inspired by what immensely explodes in their hearts.

Astrological Sun has many powerful evident features hugely in exponential in a human being. No wonder the majority of people identify  so much with their Sun sign when rightly consulted by a professional astrologer. However, with all that stupidness of bug corporations and other medias stating out there to people who their Sun sign has changed, many uneducated people are now swimming against true information. Once the majority of western astrologers utilize the tropical astrological system, there is no mistake in saying your Sun sign has had never changed.



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