The new Value of Mundane Predictions


Sometimes I think the market of astrology is nowadays saturated. But I am not being realistic, the market of astrology is not nearly to be saturated, but where is the problem then? I will try to guess that out by my own.

  • Ultimate Risk

Making predictions is a ultimate risk for astrologers, once they can either fool the astrologer or make him/her seem like a god of time, the one who knows-it-all, a mystical figure is presented to the public and people who deny it will still make the astrologer look like a charlatan, this is a dangerous profession and not quite a popular one. A shot in the dark some may say… but is that really dark? Not at all. The astrology of the moment is the interpretation of the reality of that time specifically, the quality attached and the interaction between the mundane and the individual. I’ll make my point clear.

  • Self-oriented

Nowadays people are into astrology to be more self-oriented, and I extensively have discussed such topic in my new book of Saturn’s, people are fascinated by what the stars have to say about their personality, it has become a tool of empowerment and that is great. However, students sometimes only do it to know him/herself better and forget the other premisses of astrology and its branches, and I am alright with that. But the problem begins when people deny the power of astrology over the mundane world, over nations and countries that have influence over us, how we behave, what is possible to do and what is forbidden, our own liberty is held in the hands of a nation’s government, therefore it is essential to know what is ahead for the group of people occupying a certain amount of space in whatever the location on planet Earth.

  • Random Predictions & Saturn-Neptune cycles

As our ancestors found out a way to correlate the stars to mundane’s events better than we do nowadays, perhaps because their lives were much simpler and shorter, the happenings of those times were tided up with the cords of time within the collective mind, once the population were fewer and tribes or larger groups of people used to shared a culture descendant of ancients, favoring the discernible correlations in a short window of time. Nowadays, there are so much going on in the world at the same time, that mundane predictions seem rather  random, where it should be a precise and valuable prediction and opportunity to show the working of astrology rightly interpreted.

History of the world has speed up astrology to its higher levels of interpretation, yet it has become too predictable, too shallow. Should that be a good thing dear Rafael? Let’s consider more.

Whenever Saturn and Neptune forms a critical aspect (conjunction, opposition or square), astrologers worldwide are ready to full their texts with examples of the fall of the Berlin’s wall, which took place in November 17th, where people went massively to the streets in Bulgaria, dissolving in some way or another the Stalinist foundations. Take for Saturn-Neptune square going on at the moment for instance. It is so easy to open up a chart for the moment of now and think: “Oh my god, look at that! Saturn-Neptune square! terrorism for sure!” – kind of prediction. That kind of prediction nowadays seem saturated. Actually, all that kind of terrorism is of Pluto’s kind of operation in the mundane. Saturn in the eyes of our ancestors was the destroyer of time. The Saturn-Neptune cycle is in tune with dissolving old patterns of society, which could insinuate as act of terrorism, yet it is about destroying the necessary and the injustice, rather Pluto works with the abuse of power which can be transformed into primeval terror.

Another example is the Uranus-Pluto square that has being going on since June 2012 where it remains in orb until the end of 2016. Such configuration which is held for over 5 years is intense and violent in many ways, thus astrologers predicting riots, revolutions, breakthrough, abrupt economical crises, etc. are only a few things they can be predicted in the span of 5 years for the world at large.

Unfortunately, being too predictable seems superficial. People don’t want to know Uranus will square Pluto and there will be a riot. They want first to know how that will affect THEIR lives first, secondly their lovers life and then they will reach for the collective event. Then they will want to know WHERE such riots and crisis will take place, but first they want to know, are they going to be safe? People nowadays are self-centered.

  • The New Clients and Pluto Generations 

The new clients and students of astrology are from Pluto in Scorpio and Sagittarius generation, they are the new group of people who will regenerate astrology at its roots and are the ones with the mission to reformulate astrology to its highest precision and perception of the quality of time. But Pluto in Sagittarius group are going to re-publish and share what was longer hidden from the public’s eyes while Pluto in Scorpio are going to do the primary excavation. The astrologers from Pluto in Leo seem very proud and pleased of their achievements to the astrological society and are ready to pass their own as they are already doing in, although many are omitting their knowledge for pride. Astrologers from Pluto in Virgo generation are the simplest professionals and most practical I’ve ever learned from, thus they can be precise as hell. Many professionals from Pluto in Libra are making astrology looks formidable to the human being, empowering and quite satisfying for personal usage of astrology, they are the ones making astrology more personal oriented.

  • Uranus and Astrology

tumblr_n7axk0pplf1relaado1_400However, there is another planetary movement I shall look at when talking about astrology at the new whole level of presence: Uranus. The planet travels a zodiac sign for a whole 7 years. At the moment, Uranus is transiting tropical Aries since March 2011 and will be there until 2018 when the planet ingress into Taurus.

Aries is of course, the first sign of the zodiac, thus the responsible for the first act of whatever that is. Aries is a self-oriented sign and only, the sign is known for its aggressiveness towards itself and others around, although it can be very energetic and motivational. Uranus is considered the new ruler of the science of astrology whereas Saturn represents the timing of which Uranus acts upon – Saturn then considered co-ruler of Astrology. When Uranus travels Aries, we can expect people to make use of astrology on the most personal level as possible. They want to use astrology for motivation, self-empowerment and encouragement. The value of prediction changes within the collective thinking whenever Uranus changes sign and makes aspects to outer planets Neptune and Pluto, and that we are about to witness more and more as astrology raises in its intellectualism rather than through its artistic concepts in the 21st century.

When Uranus ingress into Venus ruled Taurus in 2018, we can expect astrology to increase in its popularity. In 15 years from now, Neptune and Pluto will still be traveling tropical Pisces and Capricorn respectively. Meanwhile, Uranus are free from both outer planets Neptune and Pluto, leaving both Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn-Uranus cycles to be analyzed for over the next 18 years.

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