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Who was Stavros Niarchos?

Capricorn Moon children has a powerful instinct of fame and it is usually apparently the fact they are usually very ambitious since young age, they worry about the future than the majority and find in adults a magical presence of authority and discipline, projecting in them their own industrial emotional nature. Niarchos knew it better, and was the one who threw the net on the market and became a magnate in the family, from rich to multi-billionaire. Amidst the Great Depression, this man turned to be one of the world’s most innovative and successful 20th century businessmen. Niarchos built the first ships able to transport large quantities of oil, earning millions of dollars as the global demand for his ships grew. Stavros for many years used to be the owner of one of the largest privately owned tanker fleets in the world, consisting of an estimated 80 ships, had once owned a personal fortune which was estimated to be some four billion dollars.

“Stavros Spyros Niarchos (Greek: Σταύρος Σπύρος Νιάρχος, Greek pronunciation: [ˈstavros ˈspiros ‘ɲarxos]; 3 July 1909 – 16 April 1996) was a multi-billionaire Greek shipping tycoon. Starting in 1952, he had the world’s biggest supertankers built for his fleet. Propelled by both the Suez Crisis and an increasing demand for oil, he and rival Aristotle Onassis became giants in global petroleum shipping. Niarchos was also a noted thoroughbred horse breeder and racer, several times the leading owner and number one on the French breed list.”Wikipedia

Born already in a rich and wealthy family, his parents had origins in Lakonia and had just relocated to Greece (3 months before Stavros was born) from the United States where they were naturalized and had owned a department store in Buffalo, New York. Niarchos graduated from the Varvakios School and the Law School of Athens. In 1929, he started working in his uncles’ gristmill and soon exhibited his talent in business administration. During this period, Stavros was involved with merchant for goods convincing its great profits that could be obtained if the firm possessed vessels involved, that is, if they obtained their own private ships, once he recognized the substantial transportation expense in importing wheat. Stavros had Mercury conjunction Pluto in Gemini, a configuration that assures individuals privileged of the power of speech, in other words, a person that truly knows how to convince, or better yet, in his case, someone who knew what the transportation market (Mercury) would later need to survive (Pluto); In 1956, the Suez Crisis caused a crisis in the Suez Canal, increasing as a consequence the demand for those large tonnage ships that Niarchos had built 4 years earlier. The business flourished and he became a billionaire. Mercury-Pluto people are also known for their really deep persuasive techniques, sometimes unconsciously. The Moon-Uranus conjunction also has a touch in his ‘visions’ of the future and its needs. Uranus is future-oriented as well as Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius, but Uranus foretells the future by generalized insights and quick perception of reality than the ordinary Mercury’s perception of the reality of now, Uranus and Aquarius foresee what is next and wants to be there at all cost. But lets talk more about the Moon now  and observe his astrological chart for a moment.

  • The Astrology of Ambitious and visionary Stavros

Unfortunately, the time of his birth is unclear, but the website astrodatabank has a clue but doesn’t know the origin of source and I will stick to that. According to them, the magnate was born on the third day of July in 1909 at 12:51 pm in Athens, Greece:


e1d5f7676d68ef0b2084926ac1f33ce4Capricorn fears the future, it needs somehow a proof that the future exits! They worry and are in constant concerned about where they will be at in 5 to 10 years from today, from yesterday, from the whole life. Realize this ambitious men was born during a Full Moon in Capricorn, meaning he had Sun in Cancer – the opposite sign. The Moon is detriment in the sign of cold-to-feel Capricorn, as it lies in a sign it is opposite the sign she rules, that is again, Cancer. If his birth time is right, Stavros had an almost total reversed chart of the natural order of things, which was projected as a very motivated person; the Moon is detriment in Capricorn, Jupiter is detriment (in Virgo), Saturn is at fall in Aries, all of his houses are opposite beginning from the rising sign in Libra when Aries, the opposite sign of Libra is the organic ruler of the 1st house etc. Whoa! This was a men that wouldn’t had never been stuck in life, not to  mention the cardinal cross, where cardinal signs of action (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) form the cardinal angles of the chart. The Full Moon proposes the 3rd of communication and transportation would be very luminous as well as the 9th house of the international land where the Sun occupies, a men who knew how to use his knowledge to literally execute his own dreams.

The Status, Uncles and a a $2 million Reimbursement

His emotional satisfaction lied on the 3rd house of close relatives. His uncles had a great part in the final cycle (Full Moon) of his life involving emotional security from this area of the chart, Stavros convinced his uncles to master and own a private squad, assuring them the action could bring millions more. Niarchos was a naval officer in the Greek Navy during World War II, during which time part of the trade fleet he had developed with his uncle was destroyed once the Allied Forces leased his first vessel. As the website writes, Niarchos participated in the Allied operations in Normandy and was awarded, among other distinguished service medals, the Commander of the Order of the Phoenix in 1977, the Royal Order of King George I, and the Royal House Order of SS George and Constantine. However, while Niarchos was serving in the Greek Navy. After receiving a $2 million reimbursement for his sunken vessels and a total of 16 Liberty vessels gifted to him by the American administration, Niarchos’s finances recovered, allowing him to convince his relatives to further reinvest in big tankers – remember that Mercury also rules over close relatives. He proved to be right. He created the largest private fleet in the globe and was therefore globally nicknamed as The Golden Greek. The nickname is usually seemed as a personal status of the person brought to the light of the public attention, that is astrologically, the 10th house, the place of our reputation.The ruler of his 10th house is the Moon, and the Moon is… well you know, full! Luminous while reflecting the golden rays of the Sun. The Sun opposite Moon in his chart is the aspect most exact in his chart. Remembering again, his uncles (Moon in the 3rd house) had a great role in it as well, they also assure all their future (Uranus) financial status, once the Moon conjunct Uranus in Capricorn, the business-minded sign of the Zodiac.

niarchos1Again, this was a great men full of ambition. Mars in Pisces was soft yes, but it was what gave him permission to go after the open sea, very Pisces indeed! Pisces and Neptune govern over the immensity of the ocean, different from the beaches that Cancer rules, or from those deep mysterious dark lakes without movement that Scorpio rules and enjoys. Mars in Pisces means: “seek for the high seas, the unknown! built your own ship, your own way to the oceans my men!”. So he did it. Mars in Pisces was part of his T-mutable square where Mercury and Pluto are at the apex of it, meaning that his will and desires (Mars), his higher aspirations and need to expand (Jupiter) were all stimulated by his intellect and perception of reality (Mercury) and deep survival instinct (Pluto). Mercury rules the area of transportation while Pluto virtues a person with powerful resources.

Interesting Fact I: The Sun in Cancer made him very famous among the woman. He had 5 marriages during his life. The Sun conjunct Neptune in Cancer would project in him as someone perfect for the woman in general, and ‘ideal’ men that all woman of that time would wanted to have as a husband. Of course, all his legacy was also an attraction indicator, and I think he knew that well and used to his favor. He attracted Princesses to woman from important and wealthy families since the beginning. Libra rising in his chart would have favored his good-looking and magnetic attraction even when someone is not seemed as “socially” beautiful, Venus as ruler of the chart inspires popularity among the opposite sex. For multiple marriages we usually see a mutable cross right away, Jupiter on the 1st or 7th, excess of mutable signs, which are things that his chart lacks. Perhaps if he hasn’t been famous and a successful persona, he would have stick to his first wife, perhaps 2 marriages maximum. But this was a men of money, big money, he had everything in his hands already, and Aries on the descendant means he would see relationships more of a challenging game than an actual urge, an area of conquer instead of surrendering to a significant other. Success changes people, as they see more from above than everybody else once they witnessed the world conspiring in favor for themselves in millions multitudes. His natal Venus, the planet of love and marriage was also in Cancer.

Interesting Fact II: 9th house is a place where everything is bigger, larger and better, this is the place of  large animals such as horses. According to wikipedia Niarchos was also a noted thoroughbred horse breeder and racer, several times the leading owner and number one on the French breed list. Only in this house, Stavros had 4 planets including the Sun. As wikipedia writes: “Niarchos began investing in thoroughbred horse racing in the early 1950s and won his first stakes race with Pipe of Peace at the Middle Park Stakes. After leaving the business for roughly two decades he came back in the 1970s and eventually put together a highly successful stable of racehorses that competed in France and the United Kingdom. He acquired the Haras de Fresnay-le-Buffard horse breeding farm in Neuvy-au-Houlme, France and Oak Tree Farm in Lexington, Kentucky where in 1984 he bred his most successful horse, Miesque. Niarchos was the leading owner in France twice (1983, 1984) and topped the breeders’ there list three times (1989, 1993, 1994). His prize horses were all trained by François Boutin, whose skill was a vital element of Niarchos’ success in the field.”

Interesting Fact III: Neptune rules over oils. Niarchos had Sun conjunction Neptune in the 9th house of Sagittarius and Jupiter, a conjunction that happens once a year for a few days. People with many planets in this house think big! here we see 2 personal planets (Sun and Mercury) interacting in close relation to 2 outer planets Neptune and Pluto. The Mercury-Pluto conjunction in there also tells me how much such configuration was needed in order for Stavros to seek for his oil’s transportation in real life.

Interesting Fact IV: Libra is rising in his chart, that means Venus rules his astrological chart. Venus is the planet of the arts in general, Libra and Venus people know how to admire the beauty of an art, its aesthetic nature and all things satisfying to the senses. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, like in music, thus it brings a more tapered energy that is generational. Venus was conjunction his 10th house of public image. In 1956, when already wealthy, Niarchos acquired an important collection of arts actor Edward G. Robinson, and over the years put as one of the world’s major art collections, with over a hundred Impressionist paintings and post-impressionists. In 1989, he obtained the self-portrait of Picasso, “Yo Picasso” for US $ 47,850,000 million, not including Vincent van Gogh’s works, Francisco de Goya, El Greco and Peter Paul Rubens. As much fortune this men had, having a famous painting was perhaps the most satisfying thing ever in his life.




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