The Astrology of Jean Piaget


The Astrology of Jean Piaget


tumblr_md3tsejdoa1rwemzgo1_500New Moon in Leo Child

New Moon in Leo children are exceptional, they are as shine as the reflection of the golden rays of the sun in a glossy white marble, provoking others with their generosity that something seems too good to be true, but that’s their nature, undeniable! These natives are full of self-expression, they have no shame of being who they are, and usually want to cause with their self-image. New Moon Leo natives are known for their true sense of faithfulness to the people they love, also something to be proud of when in the life of these creatures. The Leo sign has a fixed nature and fire element, therefore we see a fire that is nowhere to go but to burn eternally in only one place, indicating  the latent urge to dramatically increase such fire in order to reach the borders of life. The philosophy I just created serves as an illustration to the understanding of how the Sun and Leo urge to be absolute.

Leo is the 5th sign in the Zodiac thus it occupies the 5th position in the astrological wheel. Also known as The house of the Sun – once the luminary is Leo’s rulership. The Sun represents our ever burning fire, the legit child inside of us all, that creative burst that can only come from our most innocence-self, no corrupted neither unvirtuous energy is is experienced with the Sun, however when planets transit such house where our ego is placed at, for example, malefic planets, they can alter the expression in which one experiences the events related to the house. But at its best, this is the house of fun, romantic meetings, casual dates, children, leisure time activities, all those things in which we spend time having a blast and all the entertaining world we take grand pleasure with. Whatever planets in the 5th house, the native’s urge will be about showing off the best of the planet’s operation and rarely the adverse part of it. The individual wishes as a consequence, to the planet in question to behave like the Sun, shiny and pretty even when impossible, the faith one can keep up with the best of the planet’s energy in this house is encouraging and outstanding.

  • Who was Jean Piaget?

Graduated in Biology, soon he became interested in researching the development of knowledge in humans. Jean William Fritz Piaget (born in Neuchâtel, Swiss; 9 August 1896 – 16 September 1980) was a renowned Swiss psychologist and philosopher known for his pioneering work in the field of children’s intelligence, being considered one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. He advocated an interdisciplinary approach to the epistemological research and founded the Genetic Epistemology, theory of knowledge based on the study of the psychological genesis of human thought. Piaget actually spent much of his professional career interacting with children and studying their thought process. His studies had a major impact on the fields of psychology and pedagogy. Jean Piaget was an exceptional kind of person. Since early age Jean Piaget had showed his powerful ability of observation.

0119228440577fc4f9ceea4dc7cb8c4dHis rising sign was in dexterous Gemini, an airy sign boosted with observational skills and intelligence, not to mention 2 major generational planets conjunct the 1st house (powerful Pluto and hypersensitive Neptune), affecting all of his vision of the world in general. Piaget was a prodigy child, becoming interested in natural history when a child, it is said that at his 11 years old, he published his first paper on his observation of an albino sparrow he noticed in the city’s square, leading the brief studying to be considered the beginning of his outstanding scientific career. In the 4th house we see the events related to the childhood of the person, while the 3rd house we see events related to the learning process of the child in school, with siblings and of the mind. Notice the Leo Stellium sharing both 3rd and 4th houses among Jupiter the universal teacher conjunct the cusp of the 4th house, telling us such child would show his gifts since young age, and the New Moon in Leo only do but to enhance the energy to its most creative potency. Fire signs are tendency of the all Zodiac element’s triplicities, they usually put their ‘discoveries’ out there and make them universal. The theories of Jean Piaget try to explain how intelligence develops in humans (specially in children), hence the name given to his science of Genetic Epistemology (the theory of knowledge), which is understood as the study of the mechanisms of increased knowledge.


By the time he developed the genuine interest in psychoanalysis, Jean attended the famous lectures by Carl Jung. The 3rd house is where a human experience its pure intellect, here we hardly choose what to learn, it is the natural process of learning, while the 9th house represents the selective mind in which a human can decide rather or not that is worthless to maintain as truth to their hearts, to their capacity to simulate what kind of information will be useful in the near future. In Jean’s natal chart, the ruler of the 3rd which is the Moon, and the ruler of the 9th house (Saturn) are in almost exact square, remembering the New Moon falls in the sign of pedagogo Leo. The New Moon falls in the first house of intellect, that is, the house of Gemini and Mercury – the 3rd house of early education; in the year of 1921 when Jean wrote his first pedagogical theories, Neptune was transiting exact his New Moon in Leo (that is, the Sun as well) in the 3rd house. That year, Mars was also transiting the first quadrant of his chart to the second, that means Mars was activating his Leo Stellium among a conjunction to transiting Neptune. Mars is his 6th and 11th houses ruler. Mars ruled his daily life mundane activities (6th house – other house of Mercury) as well as his wishes and hopes for the future located in 11th house, the modern house of Uranus.

His studies of pedagogy revolutionized education because they actually overthrew various views and traditional theories related to learning, and that is Uranus! The planet square all his Leo Stellium, rebelling all his understanding about education while taking it to another level of perception. Realize that his natal Uranus was also conjunct traditional Saturn. We realize the T-square formed by Mars in Taurus opposite Uranus in Leo and both square Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all in Leo. With North Node in Aquarius it forms a grand fixed cross, indicating all his contribution to society where ‘intelligence’, children and knowledge are concerned. Jupiter wants to teach what is right, Saturn wants to teach you what is wrong, what you shouldn’t have done. But Jupiter wants more of you, it wants you to expand with such information, this is not the malefic teacher but the benevolent one. Saturn is conjunct Uranus in Scorpio in Jean’s chart, a none-conformist of regular rules and traditional understanding of society, and while in penetrating Scorpio, it offers a wild but deep focus on a subject of interest while shaking the foundation of what was considered a taboo in his life time. His natal Saturn more specifically was square his natal Moon by 1° orb only.

In 1918 while living in Zurich, Piaget worked in a psychology lab and apprenticed in clinical psychiatry, that year Jupiter entered Gemini, the planet of university and higher learning, thus it was transiting his 1st house while conjunction his natal Neptune and Pluto in Gemini. Jupiter is the planet that expands, and in Gemini, it expands our mental skills. In French, he studied psychopathology at the University of Sorbonne while conducting researches on the characteristics of child’s thought with French children and those mental disabled. Gemini and Virgo share the same planet ruler in astrology, that is, Mercury, the planet of the intellect and perception. As Gemini rises in Jean’s chart, Mercury is automatically ruler of the entire chart. Mercury is also ruler of his 5th house of children. Mercury shares the same and exact degree of Venus in Leo, which also rules the 5th house of children once the sign is intercepted in that house (in the milled of 2). So, we notice how important Mercury and Gemini for that matter, are in his chart, transiting as well as natal. The Jupiter transit actually activated his observational skills leading him to own a gift that was innate after all, initiating a process of learning and teaching, theorizing and applying it as truth. In that exactly same year of Jupiter’s massive transit to his chart while in Gemini, Jean obtained his Ph.D. in natural sciences at the University of Neufchatel.



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